Be sure to remember!How to rescue different drugs?

According to statistics, most of the age distribution of people who mistakenly take drugs are mainly concentrated in children.Children’s mistakes have become a question that is worthy of close attention in the society, and in recent years, such situations have continued to increase. It can be seen that many families attach importance to this issue.In addition to children’s misuse of drugs, people in today’s society are accelerating. Due to busyness and carelessness, adults often mistakenly take drugs.When taking drugs by mistake, do not be too nervous. Whether it is the child’s caregiver or the person who misuses the drug, you must first figure out what the medicine you eat.If you do n’t know, you must take the vomit of the drug or the vomit of the drug, and take it to the hospital for examination, and then use the corresponding measures according to the different types of the drug to actively perform self -rescue and mutual rescue.

Take different drugs by mistake, different treatment measures,

Must remember

Takenly take general drugs, such as vitamin drugs, cold medicines, gastric diseases, antihypertensive drugs, anti -inflammatory drugs, health medicines, etc., usually the problem is not big. You only need to drink a lot of water to dilute these drugsIt can vomit, and it can also be discharged by diarrhea.

For patients who take sleeping pills and organic phosphorus pesticides, they can drink a large amount of warm water, and then use fingers or chopsticks to stimulate the root of the tongue to vomit.Let the poisoners drink a lot of water and repeated vomiting, which can reduce the absorption of poisons. At the same time, it is necessary to closely observe the patient’s consciousness and keep the respiratory tract open.If the patient is vomiting, the vomit can protect the gastric mucosa by drinking an appropriate amount of milk when it is clarified. If the bloody liquid is found in the vomit, the digestive tract or pharynx bleeding may occur, and the vomiting should be temporarily stopped.

Tosting must be carried out early. If the time to take the drug for more than three or four hours, the drug has entered the intestine, and the vomiting will lose its meaning.For organic phosphorus pesticide poisoning, it should be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment immediately while urging vomiting and detoxification.Medical personnel generally choose special effects detoxifying agents to decompose phosphorus and chlorphrates. In addition, they can also be used with Atto two medicines.When removing the poison entry into the mouth, in addition to vomiting and gastric lavage, the operation taken by the doctor also requires diarrhea or intestinal laundry to discharge poisons entering the intestine as soon as possible to reduce poison absorption.

When taking drugs such as mouse drugs or corrosive drugs with strong or corrosive drugs, in principle, you should go to the neighboring hospital for rescue in principle.If the hospital is far away from home, it is necessary to perform on -site first aid while calling the ambulance. It is mainly to immediately vomiting. The purpose of vomiting is to excrete the accidental medication in the stomach as much as possible to reduce its absorption.

Patients who have been comatose and oil products such as gasoline and diesel cannot be vomited to prevent suffocation to prevent suffocation.

For patients who accidentally take strong acid and alkaline chemical liquids, they should not be given water and vomiting first aid. Instead, they should immediately take milk, soy milk or egg white to reduce the damage to the gastrointestinal tract of acid -base liquid.

For poisoning caused by a large number of drugs with a large binding rate of plasma protein, you need to go to the hospital for emergency treatment.Drugs with high plasma protein are groundwest, toluene sulfonin, Paitatong, Huafarin sodium, Plumolol, chlorobylraine, bisotalxin, methotrexate, phenytoin sodium, etc.These drugs can increase the concentration of other drugs taken in the blood and easily produce toxicity. At this time, hemodialysis needs to be considered to promote the discharge of absorbed drugs and reduce the occurrence of poisoning.Hematoplastic dialysis can be removed the following drugs:

① sedation, sleeping and anesthesia;

② alcohol;

③ Reflection of hot and town analgesics;

④ antibiotics;

⑤ Endogenous toxins.

How to avoid taking medicine by mistake?

For children to take the drug by mistake, any remedial measures are just trying up to make up, and parents should put their energy on eliminating such things.Whether it is because the caregiver’s safety awareness is randomly placed at will, or to look at the guidance or adjust the dosage of the child according to their own experience, these can actually avoid the child’s misuse of drugs.Avoid the following points to avoid children from mistakenly taking drugs:

▲ The medicine is stored in a relatively high place, the farther the child is, the better.

▲ Try not to let the child see when taking medicine, so as not to imitate the child.

▲ Parents should read the instructions carefully before taking the medicine for their children, increase the knowledge of science popularization, and optimize the dosage form and single dosage.

▲ In order to prevent adults from being taken by mistake, it can be obviously marked with important drugs that are similar or easy to confuse, so that the medication can recognize which drug is at a glance.

▲ If parents find that their children have taken the medicine by mistake, they need to pick out the residual drugs from the child’s mouth immediately, and collect the children’s medicine bottle, medicine box, packaging, instructions, and residues to take it to the hospital.

▲ If the child’s clothing, shoes, etc. are immersed in the drug, they should be taken off immediately to avoid the medicine from the skin again.

Cure after taking the drug unconscious

For patients who have lost their consciousness after being taken by accidents, they should pay attention to changes in their pupils, breathing, pulse and blood pressure.If the patient stops breathing and heartbeat, he should call 120 immediately, and then recover the heart, lungs, and brain.

▲ Make the patients flat on the hard plane, press the midpoint of the two nipples to connect the point, so that the sternum is sinking 5-6cm, 100-120 times/minute.

▲ Remove the foreign body in the nasal and oral cavity in time and open the airway, pinch the nose to perform the artificial breathing of the mouthpower, and the compressor to the artificial breathing is 30: 2.

After the rescue at the scene, under the close supervision of the medical staff, it was transferred to nearby hospitals or related hospitals to further rescue and treatment according to the condition of the medical staff quickly and safely.

Early first -aid treatment after taking drugs can reduce the toxic effect of drugs on the body, especially when taking some corrosive drugs to be more obvious.If you do not do these preliminary treatment, just waiting to be sent to the hospital will delay treatment. For example, some drugs will have a corrosive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, make the esophagus narrowing, and cause patients to eat difficulty.Therefore, early emergency treatment must be paid attention to. After the patients are emergency treatment, they will be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment immediately after early emergency treatment.At this time, you should remember to bring the vomit of the vomit of the drug or the vomit of the drug for your reference.

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