Beauty from the family of Chinese medicine, fitness becomes "King Kong Barbie".

There are people who love beauty. It can be said that no girls do not love beauty, not only girls, boys also like beauty very much, but the times are different. Everyone’s aesthetic concept is different, and the beauty pursuit is different, but most of them areWomen are beautiful, so they choose to reduce fat through fitness.

More and more women have devoted themselves to fitness careers and become fitness enthusiasts. Yuan Herong is one of them. Shandong daughter -in -law is a doctor, but became popular because of fitness.

If you look at Yuan Herong’s face alone, you will definitely feel that he is a petite little girl, but after watching her figure, you will definitely be shocked, because her face and figure have a strong contrast, the big eyes cute girl looks likeBut with a body of a man’s dream, such extreme contrasts made her quickly become popular online, becoming a celebrity online, and was sought after by fans.

Many women have experienced the pain of weight loss. Weight loss has not only become a woman’s career, but even the heart disease of many women. Everyone knows that it takes great willpower to realize their ideal figure. Yu Hongmin once said that: "If a person wants to realize his dream, the most important thing is to have the following two conditions, courage and action."

How many people’s actions were disrupted ruthlessly by reality, but Yuan Herong did it. Originally, she was born in a Chinese medicine family. The family did not support her fitness like this. She was blocked by many people.She, but Yuan Herong persisted.

It was very hard to finish work at the hospital. Yuan Herong could only go to fitness at work. She said that she would go to the gym as long as she could squeeze out a little time.Body.

Originally, women were affected by natural hormones. They would not be as fast as men and enriched their muscles. If they pursued muscles like men, the bureau had to pay several or even dozens of times of effort.But it is rare to want Yuan Herong.

Yuan Herong’s love for fitness is not comparable to ordinary people. Even if she is pregnant, she stops fitness. Instead, she feels that fitness can reduce her pregnancy response.

80 days after Yuan Herong was pregnant, her husband looked at her belly and was full of sorrow. It was almost three months old, but the fetus was normal during the checkup.

recent.Yuan Herong updated his Weibo that he had the influence of pregnancy and had to lose weight training.It’s hard, compared with the people Yuan Herong, it really lives on the bottom of the biosphere …

Kind tips:

Not all pregnant women are the same as Yuan Herong. There are still many precautions during the exercise during pregnancy. It is best to consult a doctor before exercise.Learn what exercise is suitable for you, do not do strenuous exercise that is not suitable for you.

Do not lack water during pregnancy exercise. Water must be supplemented before and after exercise. If you do not drink water for a long time, you may cause your body temperature.

After four months of pregnancy, the fetus has formed an human form in the mother’s belly, so pregnant women should not do back on the back or compress the fetus.

Do you think it is necessary to go to the gym when you are pregnant?Welcome to leave a message at the bottom of the screen

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