Beauty shop owner "unlicensed the job" to use fake medicine to use a thin face needle

False medicines seized by the police Leqing Public Security Photo Photo

China News Network, Wenzhou, October 12th (Xuejue reporter Pan Qinwen, correspondent Xu Manqing) At present, more and more people are seeking beauty and inject a variety of "beauty needles".Crooked brain.Wang, who opened the tattoo shop in Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, used this business opportunity to learn a thin face needle on the Internet, and even helping others to help others with a thin face without qualifications.

False medicines seized by the police Leqing Public Security Photo Photo

A few days ago, the police at the Beibai Elephant Police Station in Yueqing arrested Wang at the tattoo shop and seized two bottles of botulinum toxin without the approval of the State Drug Administration at the scene.After in -depth investigations, the police of Leqing arrested Zhu Zhu, who was also suspected of selling fake drugs in a local nail shop, and Li, who had arrested fake drugs in Wuhan.

Earn the difference in self -study to customers with a thin face needle

The owner of the tattoo shop has been distressed by the business of the shop since opening the store. The business of the store was originally the main business of nails, tattoos, tattoos, and hair.

A coincidence made Wang embark on the way to the crime.Wang said that he was dissatisfied with his looks and found a plastic surgery hospital to do a preferential activity of "face -to -face needle" and contacted him.The hospital claims that the preferential price of Wang can be given to Wang, as long as Wang can introduce customers in the future.After the two sides negotiated, Wang asked the relevant personnel of the plastic surgery hospital to get an injection on his face, and Wang, who "learned", secretly learned the injection skills during the injection process.

After leaving the hospital, Wang continued to learn injections through the Internet at home."Crafts" learned, and I have to find a purchase channel.Wang searched for WeChat on the Internet and purchased a number of "white poison" botulinum "botulax" at the drug dealer at a low price.Wang thinks that it is profitable. If he gives customers a thin face, he can earn a lot of differences from it.

In April 2018, Ms. Li’s friend Li consulted her face -to -face needle. Wang told Ms. Li that she could help her face, and the price was half cheaper than the hospital. The effect was no worse than the hospital.In addition, Wang also told Ms. Li that the face -to -face needle was better to get three courses. Ms. Li, who loves beauty, was excited as soon as she heard it. On the same day, she talked about the price with Wang.

Wang, who was not professional "guidance", didn’t even know the sterilization gloves. She used a cotton swab to apply for the masseter muscles of Ms. Li a few times, and injected the diluted thin face needles directly to Ms. Li.But later because of Ms. Li’s pregnancy, the thin face needle was temporarily put on hold.

The police of the Beibai Elephant Police Station learned that the tattoo shop was suspected of selling fake drugs through intelligence clues. On September 19, 2018, the criminal suspect Wang was arrested, and two bottles were seized at the scene., Sodium chloride syringe and other items.After investigation, Wang confessed to the facts of his crime of selling fake medicines and was currently detained.

Customers’ on -site consumption is practicing again and again

This situation is not individual.On September 26, the police arrested another Zhu, who was suspected of selling fake drugs in another nail shop, and seized a bottle of botulinum, syringe, sodium chloride syringe and other items marked with "powder poison MediToxin" at the scene.

It is understood that Zhu, who was separated from the nail shop, saw an advertisement for someone in the circle of friends, and thought about it to develop this business in the store.A Pharmaceutical Merchant Office in Wuhan purchased "Poison Medixin", and when he returned, he told the friends store in the circle of friends that could be thinned in the customer’s store.

Beginning in March 2018, customers came to the nail shop operated by Zhu to lose face.Like Wang, Zhu’s "face -to -face surgery" all consumed the consumption of the customers who completed the customers in a narrow, dirty and messy shop without security.

According to Zhu’s confession, the police of the Beibai Elephant Police Station went to Wuhan, Hubei. With the assistance of the local police station, he arrested Li Mou, who was suspected of selling fake drugs on October 10 and detained him back to Leqing for investigation.

After interrogation, Li confessed to his criminal facts and provided himself as a market consultation in a plastic surgery hospital in Wuhan, mainly to introduce guests to the hospital.In order to attract customers to come to the hospital for plastic surgery, Li privately gave the customer without any guarantee to the customer to get a commission.

Currently, the case is still under investigation.

Police reminded that botulinum cosmetic products that are currently used in China must be approved by the State Drug Administration.The medicines in the beauty salon have only foreign language signs. The approval number or production license number of my country’s drug imports has not been identified. There is no security guarantee.The injection risk is extremely risky when the beauty shops that do not have medical qualifications. Improper use may cause muscle relaxation and paralysis. In severe cases, symptoms such as respiratory failure and heart failure may cause symptoms such as respiratory failure.When the majority of citizens are requested to discover that fake medicines and bad drugs are requested, they are requested to report to the public security organs and drug supervision departments.(over)

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