#Because a durian’s pregnancy was married to her husband …

Just because a durian’s pregnancy was divorced to her husband.

The pregnant daughter -in -law was to her husband because of a durian gas.Xiaoye called her husband and said that a durian was booked on the mobile phone. After get off work, he asked her husband to bring it back across the husband’s unit.The strange taste of pregnancy has changed.I felt durian smelly before, but now I feel fragrant, and it is really uncomfortable to eat it.

This Xiaoye said that this thing is so expensive. Originally, I wanted to save some, but I really couldn’t help but bought it later.After half an hour, the husband called.

He won’t go home tonight to eat.I go to my mother’s house to eat.I ca n’t eat the dishes you are fried now, and you are too heavy.Xiaoye said at the time that it was light. I really couldn’t eat it, so you should be considerate of me, and you must take me back quickly.

I have been stumped for several days, and I must be full today.My husband said that I was in my mother’s house.My sister saw that she had been pregnant for six months. She wanted to eat durian she took, and I asked her to eat.Grandpa said why you gave him something again.

What the old girl says, she is my sister and a family. You are a bit of something you want to eat. Why are you so stingy?Xiao Ye said that you also knew that durian was too expensive, and I was unwilling to buy it myself, so you quickly took me back in half.At that time, her husband was angry and angry, saying that you bargained, and then hung up the phone. After a while, the mother -in -law sent a message, and then said something difficult.Then I said that Xiaoye would not live, and I didn’t know if I bought money and bought everything.I was very angry at watching the information leaf at the time.The husband’s salary of her husband was given to her mother -in -law for so long, and her mother -in -law gave her husband 1500 yuan.When I was pregnant, I had to endure the pregnancy and I had to go to work to earn. The more I thought, the more I thought about it.But after a while, my husband came back. It was no wonder that my mother and my sister would not wait to see you. My mother sent you a message and you would not return.What do you mean?Just because I ate durian to my sister.

At that time, the durian was put on the table.Xiaoye didn’t care about her husband at the time, and then went to get durian.It’s wrong at a glance.At that time, I opened the six -petal durian meat, and there was a piece of durian meat left in it.At that time, I asked my husband.What do you mean?Husband has a reason to say, don’t you want to eat?My sister gives you the rest.Xiaoye shed tears at the time.Seeing that the daughter -in -law cried at the time, not only did not coax, but fell into the house and played the game.

At that time, I calmed down, and then entered the house.Tell me about talking with my husband.Unexpectedly, my husband said that you are too coquettish.Didn’t durian come back?At that time, Xiaoye said that I bought it myself. I didn’t let you buy it. What are you angry about?I was pregnant with your child, and I didn’t expect your daughter -in -law to be pregnant.My mother said, what kind of coquettish pregnancy is pregnant, my mother still work every day when she is pregnant.Isn’t this good?You are arrogant, you have to exercise.

At that time, after listening to her husband, the leaf finally couldn’t control his emotions, so he quarreled with her husband.Her husband was not sympathetic at that time.In the end, Xiaoye said that I was tired.

This child is still young. I don’t want my child to live in a family that we don’t have love.We are married, you are almost 30 years old, and you are inseparable from your mother.Listen to your mother everywhere.This day could not be passed.

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