Before pregnancy, multi -skipping rope can prevent ectopic pregnancy

The terrible of ectopic pregnancy in pregnancy believes that many women know, such as those who are too old, or people who have done many abortion may be ectopic pregnancy.So how to prevent ectopic pregnancy, try skipping rope.

More than 95%of ectopic pregnancy occur in tubal tubes.The fallopian tubes are similar to blood vessels, as well as muscle layers, endometrium, and outer membranes, but their structure and function are much more complicated than vascular.Under the dual effects of hormones and nerves, the wall of the tube has strong contraction, weak contraction, stage peristaltic contraction, and inverse contraction.

The contraction function during pregnancy is not only "connected" to the fertilization point of the fallopian tube, the sperm "please" combined with the swing of the endothelial cell cilia.Equipment, growth, and development.There are many factors that affect these functions.

In modern society, the occurrence and spread of artificial abortion, birthpasses, and improper treatment operations cause the chance of fallopian tube inflammation, abnormal structure and function of fallopian tube, "send" fertilized eggs in the fallopian tube to the uterus, and in the fallopian tube in the fallopian tube located on the spot.Equipment and development to form the possibility of fallopian tube pregnancy, which increases.Relying on ultrasound examination, timely discovery, and early surgical resection, it is really helpless.Skipping rope can prevent the understanding of ectopic pregnancy, allowing maternal and child health workers and the majority of childcare women to shine.

In some fitness items, the fitting effect and comprehensive fitness effect of skipping rope are relatively prominent.Skipping rope can prevent ectopic pregnancy, mainly because rope skipping can enhance the function of the organs including reproductive organs, and it is an effective "fallopian tube gymnastics".

The bumps of the body when skipping the rope can shake the five internal organs in the body, and can also play a physical therapy for trembling and massage for the ligament and film around the uterus and its surrounding ligaments.For tubes and ovaries that are arranged horizontally in the abdominal cavity and relatively free, they have both rhythmic tremor and stretching effects; they are equivalent to "gymnastics."This "fallopian tube gymnastics" health effect is difficult to replace."Life lies in exercise" and "use abandoned retreat" biological laws, which is also suitable for internal reproductive organs such as fallopian tubes.Continuous and regular "tubal gymnastics" is a suitable stimulus; it can activate microcirculation, provide sufficient nutrition and oxygen, and enhance metabolism.

The suitable stimulation of rope skipping is very helpful to the growth and development of tissue structures such as smooth muscles and secretion of cells such as tubes such as tubes such as tubes, and promoting the improvement and improvement of functions.For women of childbearing age, especially can enhance the peristalsis of fallopian tubes, promote the secretion of hormones and other auxiliary reproductive liquids, ensure the functions of "connecting", "please", "send" the eggs, sperm, and fertilized eggs to avoid the operation of fertilized eggs to operateThe possibility of being blocked, unable to reach the uterine cavity, and the possibility of going to bed in the fallopian tube, developing, and forming fallopian tube pregnancy.Rope skipping is very beneficial for the perfect health and maintenance of the reproductive system.

In addition, because rope skipping has a full range of fitness benefits, it can comprehensively enhance physical fitness, heart, lung, nerve-endocrine and motion system functions, and it is also a promotional factor in reducing ectopic pregnancy.

Some people use precision instruments to monitor the ovulation process, and find that the body beating up and down can promote the eggs smoother and more accurately entering the fallopian tube opening.The health effect of "fallopian tube gymnastics" is strongly proved.

By the way, within the 20 hours when the sperm enters the body, it is best not to jump; for the fear of affecting the combination of sperm and eggs.In addition, be jump as possible.

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