Before preparing for pregnancy, do these tests first!Is the best "Xinxin Pill"

Thyroid abnormalities are a condition that many people will occur. This condition is a type of endocrine abnormalities.Will it affect pregnancy after suffering from thyroid abnormalities?Let’s take a look at this problem together.

Does the thyroid abnormality affect pregnancy?

In the case of abnormal female thyroid dysfunction, pregnancy is not recommended.Because when the thyroid abnormalities are abnormal, the chance of conception is very low.Even if the pregnancy is successful, it will affect the intellectual development of the fetus due to abnormal thyroid dysfunction.And it is easy to cause a series of abortion and acute abortion, acute, and this condition will be inherited to the next generation.

When women have thyroid abnormalities, they must treat this condition first.Then prepare for the club doctor and endocrine doctor.

Supplement: What examinations do women need to do when preparing for pregnancy?

1. Routine blood test.

This test is to find out whether women have a series of blood diseases such as anemia early.In general, if women’s anemia will cause complications such as postpartum bleeding and infection, and will also be inherited to children’s physique.

2. Routine urine examination.

The purpose of routine urine examination is to check whether women’s kidneys are healthy because during pregnancy.It is a great test for women’s kidney system, and women’s body metabolism will increase a lot during pregnancy.The burden on the kidneys will also increase a lot. If women’s kidneys have diseases, they will cause serious consequences if they are not discovered in time.

3. Oral examination.

I believe that many people think that this test is a bit unnecessary, but this check is important.Because women did not check before pregnancy, they found abnormal mouths, and they could not be treated with drugs when they had tooth pain during pregnancy.Because the use of drug treatment during pregnancy is likely to affect the development of the fetus, you must do a oral examination before pregnancy.

4. Endocrine examination.

Women also need to do an endocrine examination before pregnancy, which contains many items.It can be checked for women’s follicle hormone and lutein production, which can effectively determine whether women’s physical condition is suitable for pregnancy, and can find out whether women’s ovaries have some lesions.

5. Two pairs and a half inspection.

This test is to check whether women have symptoms such as hepatitis and liver injury. If women suffer from viral hepatitis, they will cause serious consequences if they are not found in time.It can even lead to premature birth or death, and hepatitis virus will be transmitted to children.

6. Raspies of leucorrhea.

Check whether women have mold, trichomonas, etc. if they have these infections before pregnancy but they are not discovered in time.After pregnancy, it is likely to cause a series of situations such as miscarriage, premature birth, and fetal malformations.This examination must be done before pregnancy. When there are symptoms, you should be treated thoroughly before going to pregnancy.

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