Being a woman is really bitter!After the flow of people, I helplessly on the ring, and the clinker took the ring again after two years of pregnancy.

The mood of fish these days is dark and dark, and I don’t know what words to describe.

How can you get pregnant so easily?Really easy -to -feel physique!The fish wants to cry without tears.

After giving birth to the second child, the fish decided not to regenerate the belly, raised these two children, and carefully guarded their brothers to grow up.Therefore, it is also special about contraception.

And in order to take care of the children’s convenience, I chose a room to sleep with my husband.He slept outside the house, and the fish took the child to sleep inside.When the two children were young, there was almost no so -called husband and wife room.So there is no need to consider contraceptives.

The previous year, the boss was finally three years old. The second child was too busy with his work, and he returned to his hometown.Between the fish and husband, the husband and wife live.Symbly chooses in the same room in the safe period, but it is unfortunately recruited!At that time, the fish had no other tricks except crying.After crying, he wiped his tears and chose a trustworthy hospital. With her husband, she had a abortion surgery.The doctor said, "Do you still plan to ask for a child? If you don’t, it is recommended to go directly to the ring, so you will be injured in the body."

Although the fish knows the harm of the upper ring to the body of the woman, it is relatively unexpected to become pregnant. In terms of people, the fish is more willing to choose the upper ring.

Within half of the year after the ring, the body of the fish has undergone tremendous changes.Every day, back pain and bloating feel. Standing in the kitchen to wash dishes, a few bowls can sweat behind the fish pain.These are nothing. Every time I come to menstruation, it is the half of the fish that really wants the fish, so that the fish can’t wait to jump down from the 21st floor.Dysmenorrhea and menstrual flow are too large, and menstrual time is too long. It will be more than 20 days or even longer!These tortured fish were miserable. Several times, I really wanted to go to the hospital to take the ring.But taking the ring, the sin that had been suffered before was in vain, and the fish was a little unwilling!

Under the careful comfort and guidance of a doctor’s sister, the fish insisted on conditioning the body and conditioning for more than half a year. These symptoms finally left the fish, and the fish could finally breathe.It’s right.

Unbelievable, now more than a year later, the ring in the fish is good, and the fish is getting pregnant again!

My God, the probability of one thousandth, with a ring of pregnancy, the fish encountered!What kind of luck is this? Should I go to buy lottery tickets for such a shit?

Obviously, why do you still have an unexpected pregnancy?

The fish could not be solved, and the doctor had to ask for help. The doctor told the fish: The Shekuan can achieve the contraceptive effect, but not 100%. There are also people who have a ring of pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy!

Well, in the next period of time, the fish must have a fierce battle.

Be a woman, really bitter!

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