Bian: It hurts everywhere, why cause physical pain?

In the process of pregnancy, we will have a burden on the body because of the gradual development of the fetus.At the same time as the development of the fetus, our bodies will cause burden on some parts due to the burden. This makes us feel that there is any pain in pregnancy, and we cannot use medicine during pregnancy, which also brings difficulties to pregnant mothers.So, which parts of pregnancy will be painful during pregnancy? What causes it? Bi An Xiaoxiao takes everyone to find out.

Back pain

Because the belly is getting bigger and bigger, the weight of the weight gradually moves forward. In order to maintain the center of gravity, the muscles continue to be tight, the lumbar spine and joint burden will increase, and it will feel sore.

And for fear of oppressing the baby’s mother in the stomach, she dares to keep a posture when she sleeps. It seems that she has a heavy explosive bag. Many mothers have lost their lumbar muscle strain!

Chest pain

Affected by pregnancy hormones, breast congestion, sensitivity, and pain, a few pregnant mothers will be painful, even wearing bras will feel pain, and it will always be painful until the end of pregnancy.


As the saying goes: "Toothache is not a disease, it is a life pain." But for the mother -in -law: The most painful thing in the world is not toothache, but toothache after pregnancy.

Because you can’t take medicine easily, you can only endure it!

Hemorrhoids, vulva pain

It is said that 80%of pregnant mothers will have hemorrhoids, especially after entering the third trimester, the degree of constipation and hemorrhoids may increase, and going to the toilet will become a nightmare.

Some expectant mothers will feel the swelling of the vulva during the third trimester, and at the same time, the local skin is red, and there is severe pain when walking. It is difficult to speak!

Pubic pain

Although the nomination rate of "pubic pain" is not the highest, most expectant mothers listed it as "the most painful".

Especially in the third trimester, preparing for children, the pain of the pubic bone combined with friction, people walk, go upstairs, wear pants, and even turn over, it will hurt. Sometimes it hurts with the inside and hip joints with the thighs and hip joints.Essence

Bei’an Health Tips: During the pregnancy, we can’t help but be upset because of various reactions during pregnancy. This requires us to consult a doctor to find the correct and reasonable way to relieve it. Don’t take medicine casually and relax our emotions.

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