Big S welcomes melon again, Korean media exposed its third child!Gu Junyi carefully waited for holding the big S to the toilet

Text / Crystal

Big S (Xu Xiyuan) has never stopped since he remarried to the old love Junjun, and the various storms around her have never stopped.For example, the former big S and her ex -husband Wang Xiaofei have been tearing each other, and they have finally got a short break. Now they have ushered in a new round of "big storm".

On June 19, Huang Zijiao’s sudden news broke the news that many artists in the entertainment industry in Taiwan shake three tremors. After acknowledging that he had a harassment, Huang Zijiao took a breath in the thirteen circles of S, Aya, Fan Xiaoxuan, Wu Zongxian and other thirteen circles in one breath.The scandal of the artist.

Especially the size S, Huang Zijiao talked about the past and was very angry. He said that if it wasn’t for this pair of sisters, why would he "deteriorate"?It will not have a relationship with D itself.

After Huang Zijiao was so noisy, the reputation of sized S was fell again, and the comment area was bombed.Although the studio quickly clarified the sisters, it was obviously not so easy to spend this storm in steady.

After just one day, the Korean media added again on June 20, which revealed the news of Da S’s third child. For a while, the Big S was invincible.

Some netizens said with emotion directly: "The melons of s -sized S, I’m afraid I can’t eat it for 7 days and 7 nights!"

It is reported that the news broke was from the famous Korean reporter An Zhenyong’s mouth. The reporter said: "Ge Junzhang personally feeds his wife, and he will move away with the other party when he moves.! "

Judging from the disclosure of An Zhenyong, even if the people around them knew that the big S was pregnant, they would not be able to say it, but when Ge Junzheng himself said it was etiquette.

Earlier, when Ge Junzheng was a guest of Xiao S, he was given a routine by his aunt, telling the many secrets of Da S in the mansion.For example, you do n’t need to go to the toilet to feed, feed drinks, and even big S want to go to the bathroom.

It stands to reason that even if it is a wedding, there is no need to spoil Great S such!Perhaps the news of Korean media is not groundless. Big S is weak. Is it related to pregnancy?

After all, the big S is 46 years old. If you are pregnant again, it is an elderly mother, and the risk is extremely great.But Big S has always been a love brain, and doing everything seems to have come with his temperament.

As we all know, it is difficult to maintain a multinational marriage. The big S of the second marriage wants this marriage to continue to be happy for a long time, so it is necessary to give each other a child to ensure that it can be guaranteed.Otherwise, after freshness, it is difficult to ensure that the bald head is unchanged.

In addition, the Korean mother -in -law was famous for her "strong", and Gu Junyi, who was in his 40s, seemed to obey the mother.As a mother, the son finally found a suitable woman to get married. How can they allow them not to have children?

Therefore, Big S wants to stand firmly at his in -laws and win respect, so you must open up the leaves for the husband as soon as possible.Otherwise, this marriage is difficult to go long -term.

After the remarriage of Big S, I almost stayed at home and did not go out to work.And Ge Junye is so diligent in his wife, and a large one is likely to complete the "great plan".

If the true Korean media said, the big S is already pregnant, and Huang Zijiao’s noise will inevitably affect the mood of Big S.

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