Bleeding during pregnancy is terrible, really means that the baby can’t hold it?

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Question: What are the most afraid of expectant mothers during pregnancy?

Answer: Blood, my own blood, similar to the blood of my aunt’s visit to any stage.

As long as you see any colors with red and brown stains in the underwear, toilet paper or toilet, it will make the expectant mother collapse in the universe instantly.

what to do?Standing or lying down?Is it going to have a miscarriage?Can the baby still keep it?

Don’t worry first, of course, the bleeding cannot be despised, but not all bleeding can cause serious consequences.

According to statistics, about 50%of expectant mothers in the early pregnancy will encounter bleeding.

Some bleeding is not much dangerous. Today, I will search for you. What are the unexpected "safety" bleeding causes during pregnancy.

Bed bleeding

When fertilized eggs are planted into the uterus, some people will have slight bleeding for a day or two.

Next, when the placenta is bed on the inner wall of the uterus, a small amount of bleeding is normal.

For the prospective mothers who are pregnant for precision plan, do not immediately judge that you have a disappointment of your pregnancy failure. You should observe more and observe.

Cervical polyps bleeding

Cervical polyps are benign small bumps growing at the cervix mouth. The blood vessels on the polyps are relatively fragile and easy to break. They are together with the secretions flowing from the cervix.

This kind of bleeding is usually not accompanied by reaction such as abdominal pain or contraction, and it has no effect on the safety of the baby, and there is no need to protect fetal measures.

If you are not powerful, you can wait for the baby to deal with it. Of course, some doctors will remove the polyps through surgery according to the actual situation. This surgery is very small and does not need to worry too much.

Mucosal bleeding

The mucosa covers the vagina or the uterine mouth. The expectant mother is congested in the abdominal cavity after pregnancy. When encountering sexual life, gynecological examination, or heavy objects, it may cause minor bleeding.

This bleeding usually stops in a short period of time, and has little impact on the baby.

But expectant mothers should pay attention to rest, try to avoid the same situation as possible.

Cervical erosion and bleeding

The name of cervical erosion should be no stranger, but do you know that it is also a common cause of bleeding during pregnancy?

Because there is no pain nerve at the cervix, usually expectant mothers do not feel.

Cervical erosion caused by bleeding and natural abortion, the uterine contraction is different from the bleeding caused by the separation of the placenta from the uterus, and it does not directly affect the fetal development.

However, if you bleed for a long time, it will also affect the body’s resistance and easily lead to infection, so expectant mothers should still actively treat the symptoms of bleeding.

As long as you stop bleeding in time, you will not prevent the normal progress of pregnancy.

Hemorrhoid bleeding

Ten pregnant mothers and nine hemorrhoids. The trouble of hemorrhoids is not fine today, but it seems that bleeding is not very friendly. Do n’t you know that people will misunderstand?

Internal hemorrhoids are more hidden. Sometimes expectant mothers do not know that they have internal hemorrhoids, but the amount of bleeding occasionally caused by it still looks amazing. The scene is easy to make the messy expectant mother look at the soft legs, thinking that something happened in the baby.

In fact, bleeding caused by hemorrhoids has no effect on the baby, and there is no need to worry.

However, if more bleeding, it will inevitably affect the nutritional status of expectant mothers, so it should still be actively treated.

Watching so much bleeding that is not related to miscarriage will make your heart easier.

Here, I want to borrow the classic theory of Chairman Mao, the great leader, and we should treat the bleeding during pregnancy.

Does bleeding mean that the baby is dangerous? This requires the professional judgment of the doctor. Even the so -called "safe" bleeding given by the previous example of the previous editor is relatively speaking.It’s not necessary.

Your panic does not help solve the problem, but emotional ups and downs will bring more adverse effects to your baby.

So keep calm, treat medical treatment in time, and follow the doctor’s advice to do everything that expectant mothers need to do.

Welcome to share and share it with more expectant mothers!~

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