Bleeding in early pregnancy?Just ignore this because of this most common bleeding, pregnant mothers rest assured

Once the bleeding during early pregnancy is mentioned, a word that everyone thinks of is: abortion.

Then go to some articles on the Internet, and most of them will list a lot of possibilities to scare you: what ectopic pregnancy, hydatidus, endometrial polyps, placenta low, etc.Right up immediately from the bed.

Indeed, bleeding during pregnancy is a very frightening problem. Once any bleeding is occurred, the bacteria also suggest that you go to the hospital immediately, but will you have an ectopic pregnancy, or whether you will have an ectopic pregnancy, or what you have, or something.must.

Because of the most common cause of pregnancy bleeding, we are ignored. The reason is the pregnancy itself.

Why is bleeding in the early pregnancy?

In addition to some pathological factors such as abortion and ectopic pregnancy, there is also a normal bleeding, that is, bed bleeding. The reason for bed bleeding is because the fertilized eggs nourish the cells through the bed and intrude into the endometrium.Inner 1/3 of the muscle layer and blood vessels cause blood vessel damage to rupture and bleeding, and not everyone’s bed will bleed.

(Note: After the fertilized eggs are bed, the endometrium changes due to hormones. At this time, the endometrium is called "molten".)

Is bleeding a threatened abortion?

Many people always pull the early pregnancy bleeding to pull a pioneering abortion. Pregnant women are not able to do it all day long. People around them are more nervous than pregnant women. The results of the hospital examination are normal, but they started to doubt whether the doctor was professional. What was wrong?The fundamental, they believe that bleeding during pregnancy determines a threatened abortion.

But the actual situation is -bleeding in the early pregnancy cannot be used as a decisive factor in natural abortion.

If the embryo stops developing due to some problems, it can generally flow out naturally rather than staying in the uterine cavity. During the flowing process, it is accompanied by vaginal bleeding with fluffy and molting, and the blood sinus is open.

I said that, everyone must have understood that because the embryo has stopped developing, bleeding caused by natural abortion, not the so -called abortion because of bleeding.

Many people think that the embryo is caused by bleeding, or the embryo is good because of the big bleeding that the embryo rushes out. The view in front of modern medicine is very ridiculous.

The process of occurring the occurrence of natural abortion is:

Embryo death (accompanied by bottom molt bleeding, necrosis of peripheral tissue, velveting with moltation, open blood sinus) → vaginal hemorrhage → peeled embryo and blood stimulation uterine shrinkage embryo and gestational → formation of paroxysmal abdominal pain → embryo and affiliated affiliated affiliatedThe things are completely excreted → the uterine contraction, the blood sinus is closed, and the bleeding stops

Bleeding in early pregnancy is a manifestation of natural abortion, but it is by no means a cause of abortion.By early pregnancy bleeding can not be used as an effective basis for judging the results of pregnancy.

Is the source of bleeding in the early pregnancy?

So it is not abortion, so where did the blood come from? Is it an embryo?

The cause of bleeding has been mentioned above. Endometrial bleeding is the most important source of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy.But what I want to say is:

Even in some small probability abnormalities, bleeding comes from endometrium (molten) instead of embryo.

Generally speaking, the mother and the embryo are established through the endometrium. The proliferation of a large amount of blood vessels does not matter even if a few blood vessels are broken.

In other words, although blood comes out of the vagina, it may come from the endometrium, from the cervix, from the vagina, that is not from the embryo.

At the same time, bleeding during pregnancy does not necessarily occur these so -called hydatidal tires, endometrial polyps, etc. These are small probability, most of them are normal.

Even if these situations occur, except for ectopic pregnancy, as long as the fetal heart and hormone examination are normal, it means that it is not the problem of the embryo itself, then these conditions will not cause pregnancy failure.

I hope that if you go to the hospital for examination in the early pregnancy, do not hold a negative panic mentality, you must have sufficient confidence in yourself and your baby.

The current medical level, except for most ectopic pregnancy during the early pregnancy and ultrasonic examination. If you see that the fetal heart and hormone examination are normal, there is no need to worry about it. At the same time, the family members should also give pregnant women more.Consolation and encouragement, not in the end to make people’s hearts.

Science is much higher than experience, and the people who want to help you have a doctor in addition to family members.

I am an October bacteria, and I serve the mother of the world.

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