Bleeding in the stool … Is it hemorrhoids or cancer?Simply, teach you to distinguish!

Anal, at the end of the intestinal tract

It is an important exit of the digestive system

Except for excretion

Still the human body’s "border fortress"

But some severe intestinal diseases

It is endangering its survival

For example, tumor low position

Rectal cancer, anal canal cancer, etc.

Keep your life?Or keep anal?

Or "Life and saving anus"?

This will be a difficult choice

This is also related to the quality of life of patients in the future


Oriental Hospital affiliated to Tongji University

Director of Anorectal Surgery, Chief Physician,

Professor and doctoral supervisor

Chinese Physician Association Surgeon Branch

Chairman of Anorectal Surgeon Committee

Association of Medical and Health Exchange Association on both sides of the Straits

Chairman of the Professional Committee of Gastroenterology Surgery

Dr. Fu Chuangang and Dr. Jiang Qinxin from the Anorectal Surgery of Oriental Hospital

Will take everyone to protect the anal and intestinal war!

Increased stool bleeding times

Do you have to consider the intestinal problem?

Director Fu introduced that blood bleeding or the surface of the feces after defecation and the surface of the feces must be a problem -probably the mucous membrane is broken, or the blood vessels are broken.

Someone asked, will it be hemorrhoids?

In this regard, Director Fu said that hemorrhoids are divided into internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are some venous blood vessels under the anus mucosa.are different.

Hemorrhoids, the defecation is very hard to cause the blood vessels to rupture, the amount of bleeding is large, and the blood spray is not terrible;

The bleeding of bowel cancer is bleeding, and the amount is very small; during the bowel movement, when you see the surface of the feces with a little blood (not a pile of blood), the color is dark, the tumor ulceration often has mucus, and the number of bowel movements will increase. This will increase. This will increase.Be careful.

Once discovered

May suspect the condition of bowel cancer

It is recommended to go to the hospital in time

How to determine whether it has bowel cancer?

What inspections do you need to do?

Dr. Jiang introduced that the regular test will be given to patients with a simple examination -rectal pointer. If the lump is found, it should be further clarified that patients will be recommended to do colonoscopy.

Intestinal inspection can not only see the entire intestine very clearly, but also clarify the position of the lump and take the test inspection to test; if the test results are not good, you may have to do some other inspections to comprehensively comprehensively perform the nature of the lumps.Evaluate and understand the degree of lesion.

If there is no problem if the rectum is diagnosed

Do I still need to do colonoscopy?

Dr. Jiang said that it is generally recommended to do colonoscopy, because early screening of colonoscopy is very helpful for early discovery of the condition.

Many people are not able to accept colonoscopy

Will feel painful

Can you do CT and blood first?

What about judging through relevant indicators?

Director Fu introduced that colonoscopy is the most accurate to see if there is polyps, inflammation and tumors and other problems. It is the most accurate; CT is more intuitive to liver, pancreas, lung, and other physical organs.CT, CT can’t see clearly.

For the screening of bowel cancer, there are two tumor indicators for blood tests -carcinoma antigen CEA and sugar antigen CA199. Only 60%of patients in advanced bowel cancer will be high.High; so it is really late to find out intestinal cancer through blood testing, and what we need to do most is early discovery.

During the bowel movement, the amount of bleeding is large, but the color is bright red, which may be caused by hemorrhoids. Don’t be too anxious;

During the bowel movement, the amount of bleeding is not large, but the color is dark red or accompanied by mucus, and the bowel movement has changed abnormally. We must be alert to the possibility of colorectal cancer.Check the diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

Source: Famous Medical Dialect Health

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