Bleeding!Can the transplanted embryo be kept?

The "IVF" technology helps many women in childbearing age to realize the desire to become mothers.Embryo transplantation is a key step. After fertilized egg transplantation, women occasionally have vaginal bleeding.

The stressful expectant mother is worried: Can the transplanted embryo be kept?

[Within 3 days after transplantation]

In the process of embryo transplantation, a peeping device needs to be placed in the vagina and extended the transplants into the cervix so that the fertilized eggs are placed in the uterus.

If there are problems such as cervical erosion and excessive bending cervix, when disinfected, placed a peepper, or the transplant pipe passes through the cervix, the equipment is likely to touch the erosion surface, stimulate the cervical mucosa, and cause a small amount of bleeding in the cervix.

The amount of bleeding caused by this factor can be stopped in 1-2 days.There may be a small amount of blood -based secretions, generally no symptoms of abdominal pain, and have no impact on the ending of the transplantation.So relax and continue to observe. If you are nervous, it is recommended to communicate with the attending doctor in a timely manner.

When bleeding for more than 1 week, please go to the clinic in time to eliminate other problems.

[7-14 days after transplantation]

This period is the embryonic bed, that is, embryo planting into the endometrium, which is the first step in pregnancy.The capillaries of the uterine endometrium are densely densely distributed, and the blood supply is abundant. If the embryo bed is near the blood vessels, the nourishing layer of the embryo invades the blood vessels, which will cause the small blood vessels to rupture and bleed.

Because the blood stays in the uterine cavity for a long time, the blood flowing out of the blood is dark red.At this time, you should continue to use tire preservation drugs. After 10 to 14 days after transplantation, blood draws blood to confirm whether he is pregnant.If you are nervous and don’t worry, you can go back to the central hospital for examination in advance. The doctor will arrange follow -up treatment plan according to the results of the examination.

[14-28 days after transplantation]

After the embryonic bed, the blood -drawing HCG value has been confirmed to be pregnant, and the doctor will continue to give luteal support and instructs B -ultrasound to check the fetal heart after two weeks.

In these two weeks of waiting, if vaginal bleeding occurs, it is roughly divided into two cases: if there are only a small amount, one excessive bleeding, and it is not accompanied by mild abdominal pain.Just check.If the vaginal bleeding is bright red, the amount of bleeding is large or continuous bleeding, accompanied by severe abdominal pain, it is prompted that there may be threatened abortion or ectopic pregnancy, and you need to go to the hospital in time.

The test results of the blood HCG cannot judge the position of the pregnancy sac or the development of the embryo.You need to pass B -ultrasound to understand the planting location and development of the embryo.

If the embryo is indeed in the palace, the drug can be adjusted after the drug can be adjusted, and the B -ultrasound will be followed up on a regular basis.

If the embryo is bed outside the palace, an ectopic pregnancy occurs, that is, "ectopic pregnancy", it is necessary to immediately be treated for further treatment.

[28 days after transplantation-12 weeks of pregnancy]

After the B -ultrasound determines the intrauterine pregnancy, this stage is in the early pregnancy. In the early pregnancy stage, the embryo develops in the mother’s uterus, erodes the uterine blood vessels, and establishes blood circulation with the mother. At this time, 30%to 50%of pregnant women may experience vaginal bleedingEssence

If there is only a small amount of brown or pink secretions in the vagina, the bleeding time is short. At this time, you can observe it. Rest properly and relax. You do n’t need to be too anxious. Continue to keep your fetus treatment. After 1-2 weeks, the B-ultrasound is reviewed.

If there is a history of embryonic discontinuation, when the vaginal bleeding occurs, the B -ultrasound review needs to be more frequent.

If the vaginal bleeding is large and the color is bright red or dark red, then there is a possibility of warning.You need to go to the hospital for B -ultrasound to check whether there are blood accumulation in the uterine cavity.

In the B -ultrasound, if the embryo is developing normally, there is no need to be too anxious. After listening to the doctor’s suggestion, adjust the medication in time.Of course, there are also some situations that embryo occurring in early pregnancy.But in most cases, it is caused by the embryo itself. Do not blame yourself.

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