Both of them drank on the night of pregnancy. Can such babies want it?The doctor’s explanation is very willing

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There are often such plots in TV series. For various reasons, the male and female protagonists drank alcohol, and then they were together in a wrong way. Afterwards, the woman found that she was pregnant. Can such a baby stay?Similar situations will appear in actual life.

The good friend Xiao Qin was like this. Once she and her husband had a little contradiction for a small matter. Later, the two had a bad mood and drank alcohol.It may be because of alcohol, the two spoke their hearts, so they reconciled.After that, Xiao Qin found that he was pregnant, and he "won the prize" in the evening.If both husbands and wives drink alcohol on the night of pregnancy, can such babies still ask?

Xiao Qin especially wanted to leave this baby, but he was very concerned about the baby’s health problems.For this reason, I went to consult a doctor with her.The doctor explained this: If both sides have a history of wine, and they are not prepared to have a baby, they do not take some measures for babies. In this case, the baby doctor who is pregnant is generally not recommended.Mainly because of long -term drinking, the quality of sperm and eggs will be seriously affected. The baby is likely to lose on the "starting line", and the possibility of all kinds of accidents appears in health.Do various inspections on time.

On the contrary, if both people drink alcohol on the day of pregnancy, they are not regular, but that time is drinking, this situation has little impact on the baby’s health.

We know that the maturity experience of sperm is relatively long, and they will not immediately affect the quality of sperm due to the stimulus of the outside world, but have a time required.In other words, if the man was drinking on the night of conception, if the man was drinking, and the man only occasionally drinking, it would almost have no effect on the baby.

If only the woman drinks some wine on the night of pregnancy, the health of the baby generally does not have a big impact.This is mainly because the eggs are also developed before.However, if women are preparing to babies, they must avoid their babies. If they drink alcohol, they must take measures when they are in the same room.You can only be yourself.

The doctor’s explanation can be said to be very willing and comprehensive.The doctor pointed out that the situation of Xiao Qin belongs to the "winning prize" on the night of his husband, but his husband usually does not often drink alcohol. Xiao Qin usually dripped alcohol, but he drank a little that night, so the doctor said that they said that theyThe baby should not be affected.At the end of the consultation, the doctor also gave two suggestions.

Many couples should know this. Before preparing for the baby, the doctor will explain it when going to the hospital for examination.The doctor here also reminds that whether it is a woman or a man, there is a history of drinking, you must quit alcohol, and you must also strengthen exercise, so that the quality of sperm and eggs will be higher.

The doctor explained that if the husband and wife are drunk, they are "winning". They must be cautious when doing various examinations during pregnancy. If they find abnormalities, take measures as soon as possible to be responsible for themselves.


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