Breast pain?In addition to my aunt, it may be the reason for these reasons

In the clinic, female friends often ask the condition and describe:

Breast pain/as much as possible pain/faint pain/touch when it feels like … what happened, what should I do?

The girl’s description of breast pain, let us deeply recognize their rich rhetoric skills.At the same time, we can’t help but reflect that breast problems have become a big killer for women’s health.

Why does the breast swelling pain?What are the relief methods?Today, I will explain the health knowledge of breast pain for everyone.

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Little girls who have just entered adolescents will have small hard blocks on their chests, and they may also have mild pain symptoms.

At this stage, breast tenderness is related to the level of estrogen in the body.

Estrogen -level disorders can stimulate the breasts and cause pain.Moreover, estrogen is the only hormone that promotes breast development. Therefore, when the breast is not developed, it is a normal physiological phenomenon in tenderness. When the breast develops, it will disappear by itself.

This is just "being hit by youth for a while" and does not require special treatment.

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If the tenderness of the breast is regular, it is usually related to the menstrual cycle.Many women always feel chest pain for a period of time before menstruation, and they will return to normal after menstruation.

Due to the rise in estrogen levels before the physiological period, the breasts will also be congested and edema, causing chest pain.

If you touch the breasts at this time, remember to release the pressure and soothe your emotions. After the menstrual period is over, you can see if the breast lump disappears.After the menstrual period, the breast is restored to normal, and the mass disappears, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

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During pregnancy, the levels of various hormones in the body are particularly high, and some progesterone and estrogen are also secreted.These are stimulating breasts and stimulating breasts. Therefore, pregnant women often can’t sleep with breast bloating and pain.

The pain at this time is actually a breast -making preparation for the upcoming breastfeeding mission without worrying about it.Waiting for more than a week after giving birth, the pain will disappear slowly.

At this time, you can change the right underwear according to changes in the breast size.

When it comes to breast pain, many people think of whether it is cancer, what should I do.In fact, there are several causes of breast pain:

❶ breast hyperplasia

This kind of pain is generally painful. Some people have the feeling of soreness in the back and underarms. Most of the pain appears in the early menstrual period. After menstruation relief, emotional fluctuations, fatigue, and tension will appear.

Pain caused by breast hyperplasia does not require special treatment. Adjusting your mood and daily life, more participation in physical exercise will be relieved. Patients with severe pain can perform drug intervention treatment.

腺 Breastfeeding mastitis

Pain during breastfeeding. For breast pain during lactating women, we first consider whether mastitis is formed. We must observe whether there is skin redness and swelling.

For women with pure milk accumulated, it is sufficient to ensure that milk is empty and nipple cleaning; for patients who form mastitis, they must actively go to the hospital for treatment.

❸ Carcinogenic pain

Most of the breast cancer is painless lumps, there will be lumps, nipples hemorrhage, fixed in the nipples, dimple signs, orange peel -like appearance and other symptoms.Essence

Therefore, when the breasts have painful performance, they cannot be ignored at will, and go to the clinic to check in time.

Pain after trauma

Some female friends, mostly in the process of watching children, suffering from their heads or kicking, can cause fat necrosis, and lipid membraneitis leads to the formation of mastitis after trauma.

In this case, don’t doubt, you should actively seek medical treatment.


Because the breast location is special, the pain of shingles is mainly located on the side of the abdominal wall, under the rib, the pain is severe, and there is a burning sensation. Because it occurs first, it is often misdiagnosed by the rash. This also needs to be identified!

Doctors remind

"Pain is tens of millions, the first one is correct."

No matter what kind of breast pain, you must not be able to take care of the medical treatment, and you must ask professional doctors for help.Aesthetic salon massage and irregular breast massage instruments will not only help solve the problem, but also delay the illness.

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