Breast pain during lactation is that it is that it is that mastitis is afraid of blocking milk and is worried about mastitis?This novice Baoma breast health secret cheat for you

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@Men: I am 32 years old. I have repeatedly blocked milk for 6 months. There are dredging, but there are clumps on the side. It has a painful sensation. The breast pump is not easy to suck out. There are no other symptoms. How should I relieve it?

@我: I am 32 years old. In breastfeeding, a few days ago, I found that it was acute mastitis. There were large corn kernels and purulent.manage?

@产 @: My due date is coming soon, I want to know how to avoid blocking milk, so worry!

Recently, there are many novice mothers left a message in [Huashangyun Dialects · Maternal Maternal Group]. They are breastfeeding. They are being plagued by various breast problems.In order to help them solve various difficult problems, Huashangyun Health invites Ren Yu, Director of the Breast Surgery Director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University to answer questions such as breast care for breastfeeding.

Milk stasis, bacterial reproduction and infection can cause mastitis

"There are two key factors in mastitis, one is milk stasis, and the other is bacterial breeding and infection." Ren Yu said that from the perspective of prevention, expectant mothers should start preparing for breastfeeding from pregnancy and understand related breastfeeding knowledge during pregnancy.EssenceSecondly, give the child milk and feed the child in time after production.In addition, the hygiene of nipples and areolas should be kept.

For many novice mothers encountered milk stasis that they will encounter during breastfeeding, that is, the problem of blocking milk, Ren Yu said that there are three most common reasons for milk stasis: First, it is often encountered in confinement.The second is the separation of maternal and infants due to infant disease; third, the mother’s excessive fatigue or severe negative emotional effects after production, these conditions can cause milk stasis and cause mastitis.

What should I do if I have mastitis?According to Ren Yu, the principle of treatment is to ensure that the mother has sufficient rest. In principle, it is not recommended to interrupt breastfeeding. The treatment method is to perform effective and smooth milk therapy. Reasonable use of antibiotics and painkillers. If necessary, appropriate liquids need to be supplemented.

Based on the patient’s manifestation and course of the disease, it is divided into three types

Many novice mothers are very concerned. In the end, it has mastitis?According to Ren Yu, clinically, it is divided into three types of mastitis based on the manifestations of patients and course.

The initial period is creamy stasis -type mammitis, which is mainly manifested in local swelling and pain in the breast. It can touch tender lumps or thickening limitations. Generally, the skin is not significantly swollen, and there are symptoms of fever and chills.normal.

The medium term is acute mastitis, that is, the most common situation of breastfeeding breasts, manifested as not only local pain, blocks or hardships on the breast, but also the body temperature increase, blood routine white blood cells or neutral granulocytes, the blood routine of white blood cells or neutral granulocytes,The rise of patients will be manifested as chills, headaches, flu -like symptoms, etc. The breast skin may be accompanied by erythema, and the local skin temperature rises.

For acute mastitis, if it is manifested as a areola, it is called peripheral mastitis; if all or part of the inflammatory part is located in the nipple areola area, it is a central mastitis.

Use sheep fat paste or breast milk to relieve pain

What should I do if the nipples are cracking or pain?Ren Yu suggested that every time the novice mothers are breastfeeding or milk, they can apply breast milk or sheep fat cream to the nipples. Sheep fat cream can effectively alleviate the dryness of the nipple and moisturize the skin.Experienced mothers can also cover the nipples with hydraulic pads to relieve pain. In clinical practice, some of our mothers cover the nipples with intimate contact -type nipple protection cover for breastfeeding. This can also effectively avoid repeated nipple damage.

In addition, for mothers with large nipple volume and obvious outside, we recommend wearing a nipple protective cover during the third trimester or breastfeeding to reduce the friction of clothing and increase the nipple cracked.

Do a breast ultrasound examination before pregnancy

See if there are potential hidden diseases

For women who are preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy during pregnancy, Ren Yu suggests that women recommend a breast ultrasound test before preparing for pregnancy. It is best to have a problem of potential hidden diseases on the breasts after menstruation.

After three months of pregnancy, it is recommended to have a breast ultrasound examination every two to three months to monitor the condition of the breast duct and whether there are other breast diseases.

Milk should be prescribed as soon as possible after giving birth

The feeding interval in confinement is not over 2 hours

Ren Yu suggested that the maternal should milk as soon as possible and cherish the colostrum of the mother, which is very important for the construction of a new baby immune system.Come down, it is regular breastfeeding during breastfeeding, especially when the mother in the confinement recommends that the feeding interval will not exceed 2 hours. If the milk is more, the excess milk should be discharged in time to avoid milk stasis.

Wear loose bras or clothing during lactation to keep the nipple and areola is clean.When the child is half a year old, start adding supplementary food. At this time, pay attention to the child’s oral hygiene.Breastfeeding is recommended for at least one year, as breastfeeding can reduce the incidence of breast cancer.China Business Daily reporter Meng Jie

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