Breastfeeding Propaganda Day | These 7 rumors of breastfeeding, how many have you been pitted?

"You see your baby is crying, you must not eat enough, hurry up and add milk powder!" "You see, so soft, there must be no, hurry up and find the milk cooler." "Your baby is so thin?Is the milk too thin, it must be that the milk is not nutritious. "…

Mom who insists on breastfeeding, will you be familiar when he hear these words?May 20th is the "National Breastfeeding Propaganda Day". On this special day, let’s understand the 7 major rumors in breastfeeding together and correct breastfeeding together.

There is no milk when you have just given birth, so you need to feed milk powder first?

This is what many young parents will encounter.Many times, when feeding the newborn baby, the baby may sucked or cry, and the family simply does not allow the baby to suck. In a hurry, he hurriedly thought of feeding powder.

In fact, the mother’s breast milk is accompanied by childbirth, and the more sucking.If the baby is not allowed to suck multiple times in the early days, the breasts are not stimulated enough, the breast milk will come less and slower, and it is prone to swelling milk for two or three days.

It is also important to maintain the correct feeding posture: let the child close to the mother, keep a straight line, the head, neck, and hip. In the face of the breast, the tip of the nose is facing the nipples;Put the breast under the breast, place your thumb above the breast, gently press the upper part of the breast, touch the baby’s lips with the nipple, and put the nipples and most of the areola in the baby’s mouth when the baby’s mouth is open.

If you have no milk, you have to find the cooler immediately?

This is also what many young parents will encounter.When the baby was born, the mother’s breasts may still look soft. They thought it was no milk. In addition, sometimes friends who listened to the visited or in the same ward said that the milk cooler could solve this problem, so she hurriedly hurriedGo to personal milk.

In fact, this is another wrong point. In fact, the baby is the best milk-cooker, so that the baby will suck and effectively suck, so that there will be more milk, and the number of milk sucking every day will reach 8-12 times.Time will reach 20-30 minutes.Moms and dads should pay attention to the correct posture of the nipple when the baby sucks: the mouth is very open, only a small amount of areola is seen above the upper lip, and the areola is basically not seen outside the lower lip.In this way, the baby can fully squeeze the milk sinus under the areola, so that the milk is discharged, and it can effectively stimulate the sensory nerve endings on the nipples and promote lactation and milk reflection.

The milk is light, is there no nutrition?

"Light milk = no nutrition" This is a mistake in the hearts of many people. The nutritional content of milk with a light appearance is not necessarily worse than thick milk, and it may only be slightly different in nutrients.

But whether it is light or thick milk, it is the best source of nutrition for babies.Carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and immune activated substances and growth factors in breast milk play a vital role in the growth and development of the babies’ organs.

Therefore, regardless of the color of breast milk, light or thick, as long as there is breast milk, try to give your baby as much as possible. Do not give up breastfeeding at will.

Bust of the chest = no milk?

In daily life, there are always some people who like to take "milk" with "breasts", such as measuring the amount of milk with the size of the chest, but the truth is:

What really determines the amount of lactation is the number of breasts, the degree of development, and the baby’s sucking stimulus.And the breasts are not big, it can only indicate that the breast fat is not much …

Mom has to eat more to have milk?

Since giving birth to a baby, some women will feel that they are getting fatter and want to control their diet. At this time, many elderly people will stop. "You don’t have much milk, don’t eat much, how can you make your baby full?" ButIs this the case?

How much the mother’s breast milk is not only affected by diet.For example, some mothers are nervous and anxious, which may lead to decreased breast milk secretion. At this time, the support of her family, especially her father, makes her feel reliable.In addition, the baby cannot interrupt breastfeeding at night, and insisting on breastfeeding will make breast milk more secreted.

As for diet, pay attention to a degree.In particular, many people think that the more soup is drinking, the more breast milk.But if there are too many, it will inhibit the secretion of breast milk, and the mother is getting fatter, which may cause diseases such as hyperlipidemia.

Breastfeeding causes breast sagging?

Breastfeeding itself does not cause breast sagging. On the contrary, it can promote the secretion of oxytocin in the mother, and oxytocin can enhance the elasticity of the breast suspension.

After stopping breastfeeding, due to the reduction of hormone levels, the breast and adipose tissue atrophy, postpartum weight loss returns to the original pre -pregnancy weight, theoretically, the breasts will return to the original size.

After pregnancy, the breasts developed secondary and gradually became larger. If the care is not good, it is easy to relax.Pay attention to breast health care during pregnancy and lactation, and maintaining appropriate weight will reduce the possibility of breast deformation.

Milk powder is more hungry than milk, so better than female milk?

Breast milk is rich in nutrients and is better than milk powder, especially with a variety of immuno -active substances, which can enhance the baby’s disease resistance.

Breast milk is rich in protein, which is mainly whey protein. It has soluble, and the clots produced by gastric acid are small and are easy to digest and absorb. The protein in milk powder is mainly tentinoproteine.

The hunger of milk powder is just saying that it is difficult to digest, and the breast milk is hungry quickly means that it digestion. This fact proves that breast milk is better than milk powder …

The article integrated from People’s Daily, China News Network, etc.

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