Breeding science: I have hypertension. The doctor recommends a light diet. Can I still eat meat after pregnancy?

This patient is more difficult to get pregnant because it is a patient with polycystic ovary syndrome and high blood pressure.From a young age, I have no meatless eating habits. I also like to eat snacks every day. As a result, it is difficult to lose weight when regulating polycystic pregnancy. It only reduced by 25 pounds in 3 months.

When the weight loss was completed, she was surprised, and now she found that she was pregnant, and it was even more difficult.

The meat still wants to eat it. When you eat it, you are afraid of fat, and you are not afraid of nutrition. After all, you can eat two people now. The concept is different.

People with high blood pressure can eat meat before and after pregnancy, especially in high -quality protein and other high -quality proteins such as fish, beef, pork lean meat, and chicken.

If the doctor said that the "light diet" is not eaten, and milk does not drink, it is not only not conducive to lowering blood pressure, but also problems such as anemia and calcium deficiency, which may not benefit the body.

Regarding what our doctor said, the [Light Diet] is mainly to have less oil and less salt and less sugar. Try to choose the culinary method of steaming, white boiled, cold, etc. to the greatest extent, to minimize the digestive consumption of spleen and stomach.

The pregnancy of patients with hypertension should not only pay attention to the light diet above. It is important to pay attention to: avoid the taste.What we usually say is roughly spicy and greasy.

Passing spicy category will stimulate the digestive system and hurt the spleen and stomach.Excessive greasy categories will increase the indigestion burden of the spleen and stomach and increase excessive fat. If these too thick things are not solved in time, the light will make people obese, and the severe cases will cause three highs, fatty liver and other diseases.

Do not eat more than 5 grams of salt every day. A beer bottle cap, flatly covered with salt, is almost the amount of salt that can be eaten in one day.

According to the survey, the amount of salt consumed by Chinese residents is about 10 grams per day, and it is suddenly reduced to 5 grams. It may be difficult. It can be reduced to 8 grams. After adaptation, it can be reduced to 6 grams and gradually reduced to the recommendation standard.

Recommend a quantitative salt spoon, clearly and clearly guide how much salt he eats.Use fresh ingredients, so that you don’t need to add a lot of condiments, it is delicious; using a relatively rich low sodium salt with potassium.

For patients with hypertension, nutritional equilibrium is very important. Protein, fat, dietary fiber, vitamins, and calcium cannot be less.

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