Bringing the ring causes major bleeding, do you really understand these contraceptive measures?

I asked friends a few days ago to know that my friend had an abortion surgery, and just ended the rest period.

When a friend said that he would not plan to regenerate, the two children were enough for her. This time it was purely an accident.

She originally thought that she had avoided the ovulation period, and she was safe. However, she was still a recruitment. As a mother, even the small fetus in the abdomen was a life and her own blood.Abortion surgery is staged every day.

The 2012 World contraceptive day China Research Report shows that nearly 60%of men and women have adopted contraceptive methods with low effectiveness, including external ejaculation and safety period contraception.

And these methods are often not very reliable, and there are always some people who have a few unfortunate recruitment.

For mothers who do not plan to regenerate, choosing the correct and effective contraceptive method is really important.

Listening to mother said that the main measures of their generations do contraceptive work are rings or ligation.At that time, she had been infected with gynecological inflammation. Since she was not treated in time at that time, she later evolved into chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and did not take medicine.

The experience of the people who came over also confused the current mothers. Is it a ring or a ligation?What are the advantages and disadvantages of them?

Some people do not particularly understand the ring and ligation, so if you want to choose the appropriate and effective contraceptive method, you must first understand it.

The ring is also a medical in -the -aids. It is placed in a female uterus in a female uterus to prevent the fertilized eggs from bed to achieve contraception.


It is semi -permanent. If you plan to regenerate your child in the later period, you can also take it out, which will not affect your pregnancy again. It is more lasting and effective.


After all, foreign bodies are placed in the body, so it is easy to cause infection of gynecological inflammation and can also cause ectopic pregnancy.Moreover, it is placed in the body for years, and it is difficult to take it out once the years.Studies have shown that: Those menopause for more than 2 years, the difficulty rate of the difficulty in the birth ring reached 43.9%. If the breeding ring occurs, it will also cause major bleeding.

Therefore, if you want to bring a ring or the mother who has already been carried, remember the best medical examination once a year.

Lice is divided into two types: male ligation and female ligation.

1. Women’s ligation

Women’s ligation is to cut off the fallopian tubes and block the fertilized eggs to achieve the effect of contraception. Because women’s genital structures are complicated, this surgery is more complicated than men. Many mothers will feel stress and concerns after listening.


Permanent, after surgery, it will make women completely lose their fertility and let some women who do not plan to regenerate are more thorough ways.


Because women’s ligation is irreversible, it is difficult for mothers who want to get pregnant after surgery.

A obstetrician and gynecologist in New Mexico said that during his tubal ligation surgery in his hand, the probability of regretting mothers under the age of 30 was very high.

Like my other friend, she originally planned not to regenerate the second child. A few years ago, she decisively went to the hospital for ligation surgery, but now the second child policy has been released. She wants to regenerate a daughter, but she can no longer get pregnant.This made her regret.

2. Men’s ligation

Compared to women’s ligation, male ligation is simpler, but a small one -centimeter mouth is opened at the scrotum, ligating the vasters to block the discharge of sperm to achieve the purpose of contraception.And afterwards, all aspects of the body will not be affected, let alone affect the quality of life.The trauma is small.So the majority of male compatriots can be relieved.

It is only important to note that the longer the ligation time, the worse the effect. It is not recommended that the children are young. The relationship between husband and wife and men with a pregnancy plan is generally performed.

Loeling surgery is suitable for those who do not have fertility, and women are not suitable for ligation or rings.

Which contraceptive method is the best?Some people commented on the Internet: "Men’s ligation is true love", "condoms are the best contraceptive methods for husband and wife", and some people say, "In addition to condoms, the best way is whether women bring ring?"

Indeed, in addition to ligation and ring, condoms are the best choice in all contraceptive methods. The condom is not only convenient, but also avoids infection and reduces the incidence of cervical cancer. Therefore, condoms are more effective and rightA contraceptive method with less health damage.

In fact, for choosing contraceptive methods, experts point out: No contraceptive method is the best, but that kind of contraceptive method is most suitable for you.

Regardless of which contraceptive method is taken, in the final analysis, women are in order to reduce the chance of pregnancy, to protect their bodies to avoid unnecessary damage, and at the same time, they can also show the love and concern of men for their wives.

Therefore, as a woman’s responsibility for her own health, it is particularly important to choose a suitable way to choose her own. As a husband, you must also actively cooperate with communication, understand and support!


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