Can diabetic patients eat corn?Which kind of sweet corn or glutinous corn is good?come and see

As the saying goes, "people take food as the sky", how can I eat alive?However, for patients with diabetes, "food" has to pay more attention, and if you don’t pay attention, you may cause blood sugar to rise.

It may not be felt like a value increase in value, but in severe cases, keto acid poisoning will endanger the eyes, kidneys, nerves, etc., and even life. If you pay attention to it at this time, it will be a bit late.

Therefore, there are still many places to pay attention to diabetic patients in the diet. You ca n’t eat sea and drink. The taboo should still be avoided. Pay attention to pay attention.

Corn can be described as the favorite of many people, especially now that glutinous corn is on the market. It looks particularly fresh. There are probably few people who don’t want to eat.But people with a little blood sugar are difficult to eat. Can you eat it?What should I do if I eat health?Don’t eat it, and want to eat it, it seems to be abused yourself.

So, can you eat?

can.Don’t be so tangled.But pay attention to the following consumption and how to use.

From the GI value of the sugar lift index, the GI value of sweet corn is larger than the GI value of glutinous corn, because the sweet corn is sweet, and its sugar will be slightly more, so the GI value will be higher.

If you don’t know what GI value is, it doesn’t matter, just know a little, just limit the amount of sweet things as much as possible.

So much glutinous corn sugar, can you eat it at will?

It’s definitely not.

Although glutinous corn has less sugar, it contains more starch, and starch can be converted into glucose in the body. Therefore, glutinous corn should also pay attention to the problem of consumption.

Another point is that if you eat corn in the meal, you can eat a little less. This can avoid the increase in the amount of starch in the intake and cause blood sugar to rise.

Finally, it is the problem of use. Corn is cooked as much as possible. Some corn enthusiasts like to eat sugar and stir -fry corn or sugar corn juice. These are not available for diabetic patients.

all in all

Patients with diabetes can eat corn, but it is unnecessary to control the following consumption and method of consumption.

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