Can expectant mothers still make up after pregnancy?

There are people who love beauty, especially for those women who usually love makeup, they are tormented after pregnancy: without makeup, I feel that there is no "face" to see people; makeup go out, I’m afraid that cosmetics will not be good for babies.EssenceIn fact, pregnant women are the most beautiful regardless of makeup.

Lipstick usually uses less, do not use during pregnancy

When pregnant mothers go to the hospital for a birth check, it is recommended not to apply lipstick.Because women are prone to anemia during pregnancy, if you apply lipstick, doctors think that pregnant women are "rosy". Although they will check the blood level of the blood, clinical symptoms and signs are very helpful for doctors’ judgment.

At present, no clear literature has shown that pregnant mothers apply lipstick and cause fetal malformations.However, it is recommended that pregnant mothers still use as little as possible, because there are many chemical components in lipstick, and some may also contain heavy metals, which may have a certain impact on the skin of pregnant mothers.

If in the dry season in the autumn and winter, the pregnant mother’s lips may appear dry and skinny. At this time, you can use some pregnant women’s special lip balm, but be careful not to apply it too frequently.

Pregnant women are both light makeup, the more simplified the better

After pregnancy, the endocrine of pregnant mothers will inevitably reflect the color spots on the face.For concealing, pregnant mothers may want to make a strong makeup.

The redness may only be the "corner of the iceberg" in the makeup steps of pregnant women. For other makeup steps, the better the makeup.Because the skin of women during pregnancy will be more sensitive, too much cosmetics will have a stimulating effect on the skin, causing allergic reactions, which will affect the baby.

However, this does not mean that pregnant mothers cannot use any cosmetics during pregnancy. If you want to make up, you can still make light makeup, provided that the cosmetics used to ensure that the cosmetics do not contain chemical ingredients and have no toxic side effects.

In fact, whether or not your face, or whether the skin is edema, or whether there is stretch marks on your belly … Whether you have a face or not, you must be confident and believe that the glory of maternal nature is the most beautiful!

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