Can germinated garlic?Eating garlic raw is more nutritious than cooked?Five small questions of garlic, answer one article

When it comes to the most commonly used kitchen confession, garlic must have a name.Whether it is a homemade small dish or a banquet treasure, the garlic is indispensable.Although garlic often uses it, everyone can’t help but have such doubts, such as germination of garlic, poisonous, garlic and eating more people … don’t panic, today I will tell you the answer!

Can germination garlic, can I eat it?Can!In fact, even the germinated garlic can be eaten even with garlic.It is also pointed out that compared with fresh garlic, the newly germinated garlic has stronger antioxidant ability.

However, garlic continues to germinate, nutrients will be "snatched" by buds and seedlings. The garlic will become dry and soft, yellow, loses garlic, and the taste will become rough. At this time, the nutritional value will decrease.Therefore, if you want to keep more "garlic" taste, pay attention to keeping and eat as soon as possible.Small reminder: If the garlic has appeared mildew, don’t eat it.

Eat the garlic, or eat well?From a nutritional perspective, eating raw!Because the medicinal substances contained in garlic, garlic, are easy to volatilize, especially when they encounter high temperatures, decomposition faster.If garlic is cooked and consumed, it will greatly reduce the sterilization ability and medicinal value of garlic.Therefore, it is recommended to eat garlic raw, which can not only sterilize, but also help digest and absorb and promote appetite.However, it should be noted that garlic has a stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, so people with gastroenteritis or ulcers are not suitable for eating raw and must be cooked.

After eating garlic, I have a big tone, what should I do?The best way is to quickly brush your teeth.But if the conditions are limited and you can’t brush your teeth immediately, what should I do?At this time, you can drink a cup of milk, coffee, green tea, or use fresh agents, eating gum, etc., can help remove your breath.

Can you cough?Garlic has a certain prevention and treatment effect on cough, but it is not recommended that you make medicated diet at home.Because traditional Chinese medicine is most particular about dialectical and theory, most people cannot self -evidence, so it is difficult to treat themselves in targeted.In addition, the concentration of many effective drugs in diet and medicinal diet is too low to achieve the effect of direct results.Therefore, it is also recommended to use regular Chinese medicine dialectics, so that the effect of coughing with Chinese medicine will be ideal.

Can garlic alleviate motion sickness?Can!When motion sickness, if there is no motion sickness medicine around you, or you don’t want to take motion sickness medicine, you can try garlic.

Garlic halo small prescription: Cut raw garlic into small pieces; prepare tape or band -aid, and put garlic slices on the navel half an hour before the travel, which can eliminate or reduce the symptoms of motion sickness, seasickness, and motion sickness.The drawings of this article are derived from the one.

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