Can Guiyuan take blood?After reading this article, you will know

Today, I read an article about whether Guiyuan’s blood replenishing blood, or a well -known nutritional expert in the nutritional academic community. His point is that Guiyuan has less iron.The mood is relatively low. How many years have we had followed us from ancient times to the present, and the value of Guiyuan in many medical books is recorded in many medical classics. Do n’t we have a little bit of nourishing blood?It is just that because of the less iron containing the longan, is it a bit unscientific to negate the value of longan blood nourishing blood?

The public says that the public is reasonable, and the mother -in -law is reasonable. Today we analyze and analyze from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine.

First of all, let’s understand the difference between longan and longan?

Longan is generally used as a fruit, and is known as "the gods in the fruit". It is directly dried with fresh longan to become longan.Guiyuan is a common Chinese medicine commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. It has a good effect on nourishing the heart and spleen, qi and blood, and peace of mind. It is known as "South Guiyuan and Ginseng" in history. It can be seen that it has been loved by people since ancient times.

Can Guiyuan replenish blood and see how medical classics are recorded.

"Yun Bin Shun Shi Life":

One grain of long -flavored medicine -longan shell, longan nucleus, and longan meat are all treasures.

The longan shell is specifically conditioned by the head problem. I often drink some longan shell tea.

The longan nucleus eliminates the humidity of the lower coke, which can condition hernia and eczema.

Guiyuan meat nourishes qi and blood. People with blood deficiency often eat longan meat. People with blood can nourish blood. People with futile stomachs often eat longan can replenish their temper. People with poor heart palpitations and insomnia are often eaten.

"Materia Medica": nourish the heart and spleen.Gan Wen returned to the spleen, benefited the spleen and wisdom, a puzzle.Nourishing the heart and nourishing blood, the heart is the spleen mother.Therefore, it is used in the spleen soup.

"Medical Heads in the West": sweet, fragrant, flat.The liquid is thick and moist, and the heart spleen is medicine.It can breed hard blood, can also protect the heart, can nourish the spleen and blood, and can strengthen the spleen and stomach.

"Shennong Materia Medica": It is recorded that longan meat has the effect of the treatment of "five internal organs, and Anzhi anorexia".

"Yun Bin Shun Shi Life": The effect of laurel Yuan tonic exceeds red dates, and the effort is effort.

The Guishi Decoction in "Ji Sheng Fang"; Jiawei Blood Decoction in "Medical Heads in the West"; ginseng raising films in "Taiping Huimin and Dabbding Bureau Fang" … all have the figure of Guiyuan.

So many records, are you still doubting the experience of the ancients for thousands of years?Do you say that Guiyuan does not replenish blood?I believe everyone has a lot of hearts.

I believe that when most people talk about nourishing blood, the first thing that thinks of is red dates, not longan.In fact, the effect of nourishing blood in longan is far greater than red dates. In traditional Chinese medicine, longan is a blood supplement, but red dates are supplemented by qi medicine.Everyone knows now.

Therefore, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, Guiyuan has a good blood -replenishment effect.

Reminder: Although the longan is non -toxic, it is suitable to help heat and fire, so people with real fire, phlegm heat, damp heat, and high blood sugar are avoided in the body.

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