Can I continue to eat hot pot and spicy spicy after pregnancy?

Hot pot, spicy hot, sashimi, sushi … Now it is warmly welcomed by foodies from all over the place. How can I eat it before pregnancy? Can I continue to open my belly after pregnancy?

Q: Can pregnant mothers eat raw food such as sashimi sashimi?

A: Pregnant mothers should not eat raw food.Although the sashimi is treated, bacteria and parasites in raw cold foods are not used for heating through high temperature.Pregnant mothers to eat sashimi can increase the chance of parasitic disease.Parasites will enter the placenta to affect fetal development, which may cause abortion or premature birth.Eating sashimi always sticks to mustard. The irritation of the mustard is relatively strong, and it is easy to cause discomfort.

Occasionally you can taste it, but you can’t eat more!

Q: Can I still eat my favorite spicy spicy?

A: Don’t eat or eat less!The spicy soup base is made with many spicy materials, peppers, pepper, pepper, cumin, octagonal, cinnamon, spiced powder and so on.These are spicy and hot spices. Eating more is easy to consume intestinal moisture, causing symptoms such as fire, constipation, hemorrhoids.

Most of the spicy hot and spicy are small roadside shops. The sanitary conditions are worrying. The raw cooked in a large pot is full, and the bacteria and parasites are also a large pot!The spicy soup base is repeatedly boiled, which will produce nitrite, and eating more is harmful to the body!

If you really want to eat, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do it by themselves.Choose fresh ingredients, clean it, and use less ingredients, cook with clear soup base, and solve it!

Q: Every winter, a big family is sitting in a piece of hot pot, which feels great!But can pregnant mothers eat it?

A: Pick food!Although the hot pot is delicious, pregnant mothers should pay attention to eating!

(1) Try to eat at home as much as possible, choose the clear soup base, do not heavy flavor, eat less seasonings of hot pot;

(2) The ingredients should be fresh, the proportion of vegetables and vegetables should be appropriate, and vegetables are at least double the amount of amaranth;

(3) It is best not to eat fans. Fans with poor quality contain lead, which is not conducive to fetal intellectual development;

(4) Master the heat, be hot as possible, do not require freshness to prevent the invasion of bacterial parasites;

(5) Don’t forget to eat some staple foods. The next point, dumplings, dumplings, and rice cake corn are excellent;

(6) Do not drink hot pot soup base, the fat content is quite high;

(7) Do not drink carbonated drinks, change drinking juice to help digestion.

Spicy and cold foods, help wetting heat, eat more problems such as fetal movement, difficulty, and premature birth. Therefore, for the health of yourself and your baby, you must control your mouth during pregnancy!

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