Can I continue to raise cats and dogs when I am pregnant?

Can I continue to raise cats and dogs after pregnancy?Of course, the answer is yes; but there are strict requirements.Below we are here to prepare for the precautions of cats and dogs when you are preparing to get pregnant or are pregnant.

Many people do not allow pregnant women to raise dogs and cats because of the threat of Toxoplasma. Ghizomycopiosis is also known as toxoplasma. It is a human and animal disease caused by rigid hormone.Most of them are hidden infections, and there are many infections without clinical symptoms.Gow -shaped worms are mainly infected by mouth, and the main ways to bite and eat unscaptive meat between animals are infected.Drinking water or tableware from the cats discharged from the cat can become an important source of people and other animals infection, and can also be infected with damaged skin and mucous membranes.

Dogs, pigs, cattle, sheep, rat, birds, and per capita are the middle hosts of Toxoplasma worms. Cats can be used as the middle host or the end of the host and the only end of the host.reason.

The way that cats may spread after cat infection of toxoplasma is to intake the ovary sacs (including contaminated foods and water, etc.) infected with cooked meat or uninterrupted milk in the infected cat feces (including contaminated foods and water, etc.).Pork, don’t think that only dogs and cats will spread toxoplasma!Moreover, as long as you regularly drive and vaccine for your pet, pay attention to hygiene cleaning, cats are usually healthy.

Everyone note that the infection of Toxoplasma is mainly infected with oral infections. If your infected Toxoplasma is from your cat, congratulations, you may have a cat for a cat (Meow Star: I don’t carry this pot, unless you want to eat it, unless you want to eat itMy poop, hahaha … Of course, I may sometimes be a bit naughty, and I have urine or the stool to the owner’s food or tableware.Rest assured to be with me, separate with me temporarily, but don’t abandon me).

Therefore, as long as you do not contact the cat too close and do not touch the cat’s urine and feces, the risk of infection is very low. Moreover, your cat may not be infected with a bow -shaped worm at all.Therefore, regularly deworming and physical examination of pets can be regularly tested for your pets for your pet during pregnancy. You can also inoculate the toxoplasma vaccine for cats and clean them. It is relatively safe after the above points.If your pet is diagnosed with infection of Toxoplasma, isolation is recommended.

To do a good job of prevention, pregnant women can also raise cats and dogs, and can also relieve tension and help happy mood.

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