Can I drink tea during pregnancy?After listening to the suggestions of the experts, I have counted in my heart

One day, when I was drinking morning tea at the tea house, a family came from the table next to it, one of which was a pregnant woman.When the refreshment is aligned, the pregnant woman’s husband shouted to the waiter and said that he would add a pot of water to the pregnant woman, because you could not drink tea when you were pregnant.At that time, I had a question in my heart. Can I drink tea during pregnancy?Later, I went to consult an expert specifically for this, and I will share with my friends here.

The answer of the expert is "drinking" for the question of "whether you can drink tea during pregnancy", but you can’t drink it randomly. You need to follow some precautions.

1. Moderate quantity

Pregnant women do not drink too much tea every day. It is advisable to be 3 to 5 grams and cannot exceed 5 grams.

Don’t be too strong

Pregnant women cannot drink too thick tea, so experts recommend drinking light green tea and do not drink strong black tea.

Third, drink after meals

The time for pregnant women to drink tea is also particular, that is, about an hour after a meal. Drinking or drinking on an empty stomach should be avoided.

Fourth, do not drink before going to bed

Do not drink tea before going to bed at night, because tea will cause insomnia and increase frequent urination.If pregnant women go to the toilet at night, will sleep?Therefore, it is best not to drink tea at night for pregnant women to avoid affecting sleep quality.

5. Do not drink head tea

Many friends who like to drink tea know that when making tea with boiling water, the head of tea is poured off without drinking.Pregnant women cannot drink tea because they must prevent some pollution during the production of tea.

6. Do not drink hot tea, cold tea

The temperature of hot tea should not exceed 56 degrees Celsius, but you should also pay attention not to drink cold tea, because cold tea has a bad effect of cold and sputum.

Seven, soaked for too long, too many times, do not drink

Tea brewing will be oxidized for too long, and it is also vulnerable to bacterial pollution, and the number of tea bubbles is too much, so that the trace of harmful elements will be soaked out.Pregnant women must not drink such tea.

8. Do not drink overnight tea

Overnight tea will deteriorate and never drink. Pregnant women have to drink new tea.

The above experts have the "eight suggestions" of pregnant women’s tea, hoping to help friends.In addition, I found that many people usually gather three or five friends to drink tea and chat, which is an inappropriate approach.Experts remind that "drinking tea and sober" is a misunderstanding. Drinking tea after drinking can not only unlock the hangover, but also cause damage to the kidneys.Pregnant women must not drink, but it is necessary to remind everyone that it is best not to drink tea after drinking.

Welcome to like, follow, forward, collect and comment.What tea do you usually like to drink?Do you stop your pregnant women from drinking tea?Welcome to leave a message to share with us, thank you.

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