Can I get pregnant during my aunt?

This is a common question that many women ask at some point, whether they want to have children or try to avoid pregnancy.The answer is not completely clear, because the ovulation time is uncertain.So, what is going on, and how the chance of this situation is?

This is actually a simple mathematical issue.According to your sexual behavior when you come to aunt, you may have at least seven days ovulation.Sperm is unlikely to survive for so long. This is why women with regular menstrual cycles will not get pregnant during menstruation.

But there is an obstacle here: if you happen to have a long aunt cycle (that is, more than five days), but the aunt cycle is short (that is, less than 24 days). If the bleeding happens during ovulation, you may be pregnant.If you have a 21 -day cycle, you may ovulate around the seventh day.If you are still in your aunt on the seventh day, you may be pregnant.

Of course, not all bleeding is caused by aunt.Although if you have a regular cycle, the possibility of pregnancy during your aunt is extremely low, but if you bleed for other reasons, this is not necessarily the case.Some women will have spots between their aunts, and even bleed (mild) during ovulation; they may think they are in the aunt’s period, and in fact, this is the most fertile time for them.(A useful clue: The blood you see during ovulation is either light pink or brown, not the dark red of your aunt. This is why it is important to understand your unique aunt mode. It is irregular to the aunt cycle.Lack of consistency in women will make it difficult to conceive (or avoid conception).

Can my aunt get pregnant on the first day?

Even in the shortest normal aunt cycle, it is impossible to get pregnant on the first day of menstruation.In addition, because sperm can only survive for a few days, the possibility of pregnancy will be reduced, because further non -protective behavior will occur after ovulation.On the last day of my aunt, rolling sheets may have slight pregnancy opportunities, because sperm may still exist at the beginning of ovulation, but it is also unlikely, depending on how long your cycle and sperm survival.

Can I get pregnant immediately after my aunt?

For women with normal cycles, the chance of pregnancy will only start to increase as you get closer to your concerted window.Similarly, most women ovulate between the 12th and 21st days of the cycle -so if you have sex two days after menstruation (such as the seventh day), you have only five days away from ovulation.Therefore, if you happen to have a strong sperm swimming -those sperm that can last for five days -you may be pregnant.

Can you get pregnant before your aunt?

The closer to the closer to the aunt, the less the possibility of pregnancy.That’s because it makes you farther ovulation, and -just as we mentioned -eggs can only last a day.Aunt’s "Safety Days" will increase with the extension of the cycle and decrease as the cycle is shortened.For women with cyclical laws, it is impossible to cause pregnancy without protection the day before the aunt -the chance is almost zero.

It is important to understand the time of the personal cycle and track the ovulation (whether it is through the aunt’s picture, ovulation prediction kit or checking the basic body temperature) to help you make a wise decision when you have sex.

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