Can I get pregnant normally?Don’t talk nonsense before

I believe that girls are very familiar with the arrival of their aunts. Only women know this pain and happiness.It will affect women’s heart every month. Once I have irregular menstruation, it will be worried that there will be any gynecological diseases, and I am afraid that I will not be pregnant in the future.So, can menstruation be pregnant normally? Let’s introduce it to you in detail today.

According to expert research, women’s regular sexual life has a menstrual role, because a happy sexual life can obtain beneficial pheromone from women, which will affect the endocrine condition of the body.Therefore, the more regular life is, the more constant the level of male secretion in women’s body, and the more stable physiological reactions in related physiological reactions. The most obvious is the rule of menstrual cycle.

Endocrine hormones in the brain and ovaries can affect women’s menstruation and ovulation, leading to periodic changes. The cycle of the two is one month, while ovulation occurs in the middle of two menstruation.Women’s menstrual cycle is different, but the interval between ovulation days and next menstruation is relatively fixed, generally 14 days.

According to the relationship between ovulation and menstruation, the ovulation period can generally be calculated through the menstrual cycle.The specific calculation method is to calculate from the first day of the next menstrual tide. The reduction of 14 days or countdown is the ovulation day, and the ovulation day and the first 5 days or the first 4 days are the ovulation period.

If the menstrual cycle has always been normal, the ovulation period calculated is generally correct, and targeted pregnancy can also be performed.

The main manifestations of irregular menstruation are abnormal bleeding or abnormal menstrual cycle, or abdominal pain before and before menstruation.The main cause of irregular menstruation may be organic lesions or dysfunction, such as liver disease, hypertension, endocrine disease, abortion, hemoscular, reproductive tract infection, etc.

Irregular menstruation will directly affect ovulation, so it may also affect pregnancy, and it can even be said to be a precursor to infertility.For the problem of irregular menstruation, it depends on the following two situations:

1. Normally, the irregular menstruation of the virgin period is generally normal. Although you can get pregnant, it also has a certain impact on pregnancy.If women have too much menstrual flow, but normal ovulation, the cycle is also very regular, and the luteal function is normal, which will not affect pregnancy.

2. Irregular menstruation If it is caused by gynecological diseases, it is likely to be a precursor to infertility.This situation is more difficult to heal, and conception is not so ideal.Therefore, if you find that you have irregular menstruation, you must treat it as soon as possible. Do not wait for infertility after marriage. At this time, it may be too late.

The above is the introduction of irregular menstruation that can be pregnant normally. I hope to help everyone. Once there is a problem of irregular menstruation, do not drag the irregularity and treat it in time to avoid causing greater damage in the future.

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