Can I go swimming during pregnancy?Let you feel relaxed a moment

Swimming is helpful for our fitness and physical and mental health.So can I continue to swim after pregnancy?Many people say that swimming is good for pregnancy. Where is it?Because I am the mother of two children, and I have been doing activities in the water during pregnancy, today we talk about those things to swim in pregnancy today ~

First of all, we need to be clear, can we go swimming during pregnancy?

It should be noted here that we must ask our pregnant doctor about the health of ourselves and children. With the approval of the doctor, the swimming movement is performed according to the guidance of the doctor.

First of all, we should fully carry out warm -up activities before launching, relax and stretch our body.Be prepared for the water, so you must warm up.During pregnancy, this warm -up habit before launching is particularly important, because we need to mobilize the support of muscle strength than usual.

Secondly, we must slowly slide into the water instead of jumping into the water. Whether we can easily make mobilization before, we must use safety as the mainstay, and slowly entering the water can quickly adapt to the water temperature to the water temperature quickly., Avoid cramps.

Many people say that pregnant women exercise their bodies in the swimming pool can maintain their body shape and help pregnant women to reduce pregnancy.These are right, because women’s weight is increasing during pregnancy. In order to better control weight, we need to perform some safe sports, so swimming should be the first choice.Swimming allows pregnant women to float or walk slowly in the swimming pool.At the same time, swimming is also a kind of relaxed movement for pregnant women.Then due to the surge in the abdominal weight, the waist nerve compression is caused, and most pregnant women will feel back pain and waist. At this moment, water will support the body of the pregnant woman, reduce the pressure of the joints and soles of the feet, and create a soothing sense of weight.If we do n’t have a swimming foundation before pregnancy, or if we are not traveling well, we can walk in the water or use a floating stick to let us lie in the water ourselves.

Regarding the duration of swimming, I take myself as an example, because I usually perform swimming exercises. I am familiar with water and can effectively control my body floating. After I swim in the water a few laps, I also float in the water in the water.Tour about 30 minutes.

If you ask me what swimwear choices are there?

Don’t worry, pregnant women have a lot of styles, and you can choose the style you like.If we are more conservative, we can choose a swimsuit or a skirt to cover our big belly, which will be more comfortable.

If you keep your body well, you can choose a bikini ~ You must not know that pregnant women like bikinis than any swimmer, because the belly has no restraint and more beautiful.

Although swimming is safe, before trying, be sure to consult a pregnancy test doctor, and pay attention to the choice of the pool to avoid people encountering more ~ We should pay attention to hydration while exercising. At the same time, avoid steam sauna during pregnancy.Oh ~ I look forward to the birth of every "water baby" ~ I wish you a good pregnancy ~

Thank you for your attention!I wish you a new height away from exercise damage in 2020!

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