Can I know the sex of the fetus accurately in 7 weeks of pregnancy?

Simple blood tests can learn about the gender of the fetus at 7 weeks of pregnancy, and as long as it is used correctly, its accuracy is still high.Some researchers analyzed the accuracy of a fetal gender identification method, and found that this method is very effective if it is used correctly.Experts said that the results of this research may promote more people to adopt this appraisal method, including parents who are worried about genetic diseases related to gender -related diseases, people with strong curiosity, and some are ethical disputesThose who want to choose to have boys and women.

This test method will analyze the free fetus DNA in the mother’s blood, and detect the Y chromosome sequence in the mother’s blood sample. If the Y chromosomes are detected, the fetus is a male. If the Y chromosomes cannot be found, the fetus may be women.What attracts this method is that it can recognize the gender of the fetus earlier than the B -ultrasound.And it does not cause harm to the mother and child, and it may have certain risks such as amniotic puncture.The study was published on the Journal of the American Medical Association (Jama).

In fact, a similar test has been provided on the chain pharmacy and the Internet a few years ago, but its use is limited, partly because its accuracy is unknown.Earlier, a company claimed that the sex of the fetus could be detected at 5 weeks of pregnancy, and the accuracy could reach 99.9%. Soon it was reported by many women because the sexual and test results they finally got were opposite.

Researchers analyzed a large number of fetal DNA studies, involving 57 research and about 6,500 pregnant women. The final result shows that if it is properly implemented, this method tests the accuracy of the accuracy of the gender of the fetus at 7 weeks of pregnancy reached 95 95%, The accuracy of 20 weeks of pregnancy can reach 99%.

Louise Wilkins-HAUG, the chief fetal medicine and reproductive genetic genetic director of Bridham and Women’s Hospital, said that this study has a "extensive and profound influence."In addition, people are worried that some people will have abortion because of gender discrimination.Several companies do not conduct business to India and China.

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