Can I make hair hair during breastfeeding during pregnancy?#Can pregnant women make hair?

Many Bao Ma asked me recently whether it can be perm or dyed during pregnancy or breastfeeding.They want to be beautiful, but they are worried.Therefore, I want to share my personal views.Why can it be done?Why not do it?This article is a bit long, please read patiently.Why can I make hair?I searched all relevant information on Baidu, Zhihu, and Douyin.No large -scale research has proven to have a impact on the baby on hair dyeing and perm.Look at the hair dye of major brands, and there is no ban on pregnant women or mothers, indicating that there will be no harm.If you are really worried, it is recommended not to wash your hair 3 days before your hair. The scalp oil of accumulation of 3 days before can beolates, or scalp isolation in the store.There is really no need to worry too much, because the scalp and body will not be exposed to the scalp during perm.

Here, I want to science from everyone that hair is a garbage formed by the dead hair cells in the hair follicles through the keratinization process.The hair does not have a life, so the hair is dyed or perm, and the use of potions will not affect the body through the hair.If you are worried that the taste of Ann when you make your hair will cause harm to the body, then it is not necessary.Because it can only be ignored by the impact on the body for a few months.

The hair stylist has worked in various environments all year round and is used to it.I have been engaged in the United States for 13 years, and I have never heard of things that affect or harm the baby or mother or mother because of hair dyeing, perm or permanently.

Many of my customers have also made hair during breastfeeding, including my wife. She dyed her hair after 40 days after giving birth, and then breastfeed normally. My son is also healthy now.

So why do most Tony teachers tell you that you cannot dye your hair during pregnancy and lactation?Because no one is willing to bear risk.What risks?If the baby has a fever and a cold, will your family blame you because of your hair?If the baby is injured, will you think it is caused by your hair?

If you can treat this rationally, then you don’t have to be a "woman" after giving birth to a child. You can live like yourself. Children will not affect your beauty. Children also like beautiful mothers.

You are the child’s mother, but you are you.

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