Can I play a physiological period, pregnancy, and breastfeeding?What do women need to pay attention to new crown vaccines?

Inoculate the new crown vaccine to build a Health Great Wall

Academician of Nanshan called you to vaccine together!

● Female vaccination new crown vaccine guidelines ●

According to the expert opinion of the "New Crown Virus vaccination Technical Guide (First Edition)", female friends encounter doubts about vaccination in life and work. It is recommended to communicate with medical staff in time, and actively inform the health of the health and individuals.If you want, medical staff will make reasonable suggestions!


I vaccinated the new crown vaccine and found that I was pregnant. What should I do?

If the vaccine is vaccinated after vaccination or in the absence of unknown pregnancy, based on the understanding of the safety of the vaccine, it is not recommended to take special medical measures (such as termination of pregnancy) due to vaccination.Essence


Can women in lactation vaccinate the new crown vaccine?

Although there is currently no breastfeeding female vaccination new crown virus vaccine that affects the clinical research data of lactating infants and young children, based on the understanding of vaccine safety, it is recommended that breastfeeding women (such as medical staff, such as medical staff, etc.) vaccinationEssenceConsidering the importance of breastfeeding to the nutritional and health of infants and young children, referring to the international general practices, it is recommended to continue breastfeeding after breastfeeding female vaccination.


Can a new crown vaccine in a female physiological period?

Can.Female physiological period can be vaccinated normally without affected.


Women have inoculated human papilloma virus vaccines (HPV vaccines). Can it be vaccinated at the same time?

It is not recommended to vaccinate at the same time as other vaccines.After vaccination with HPV vaccines, the inoculation interval between the new coronal virus vaccine is greater than 14 days.


The little pet feeding by women is caught and bitten by a rabies vaccine.

When a rabies vaccine, tetanus vaccine, and immunoglobulin need to be vaccinated due to animal injuries and trauma, they may not consider the interval with the new coronal virus vaccine.


After vaccination, can you go to fitness and practice yoga after vaccination?

Female friends will not affect normal living habits after vaccination. You can leisure, exercise, practice yoga, appropriate exercise, etc. This is more conducive to the physical and mental health of female friends!


How long does it take to inoculate the secondary and interval?

1. New coronal virus activation vaccine (Vero cell)

The inoculation of 2 doses; the vaccination interval between 2 doses is recommended to be ≥3 weeks, and the second dose is completed as soon as possible within 8 weeks.

2. Reorganize the new crown virus vaccine (type 5 gonad virus carrier)

Inoculation 1 dose.

3. Reorganize the new crown virus vaccine (Cho cell)

3 doses of inoculation; the processing interval between the adjacent 2 doses is ≥4 weeks.The second dose should be completed within 8 weeks after the first dose is vaccinated, and the third dose should be completed within 6 months after the first dose is vaccinated.


After the vaccine, can the mask be picked?

A small number of people may not have protection after vaccination.The crowd’s immune barrier still needs to take protective measures such as masks and toilets before the establishment.

Academician Zhong Nanshan hopes that everyone will work together to vaccinate the vaccine as soon as possible, to the country and the world, and to do their own efforts for the new crown.Inoculate the new crown vaccine and build a healthy Great Wall!

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