Can I raise cats after pregnancy?Don’t give up another life because one life

Don’t abandon another life because of one life.

"Can you raise a cat after pregnancy? Is it really infected with a hormone?" I believe this is a problem that many pregnant mothers who have pets will face.After pregnancy, it instantly became a key protection target for family members, relatives, and friends. There are many taboos for eating, wearing, and living.

Does a cat really hurt your baby?

"Do you know that the cat has a bow -shaped torch, which will cause the child to be deformity after infection." "Cats will be so hair removal, what if the child is not good?", "Can you take care of the child after giving birth?Or give me away. "This is often something that parents will say at home.

However, when we chose to be responsible for that little life, do we really want to abandon another life for a new life?Moreover, is it really as horrible as the family says, will it be infected with a bowworm and cause the child to malformation?

In fact, as long as you understand it carefully, the worry of the cat and yourself is completely redundant.

We need to know the following knowledge about bow -shaped worms:

Cats are not born with such parasites, but infected with grasles with raw meat with grawle eggs with grasles, or eating rats or other small animals, (cat food, canned food, cooked cooked cats, cookedThere are no insect eggs in the meat), which shows that indoor cats rarely have the risk of infection.

Cats are the ultimate host of the toxoplastyworm. Gow -shaped worms will be proliferated in their intestinal epithelial cells, and eventually release them into the environment in the form of oval vessels through feces.If a cat is infected with Toxoplasma, millions of toxoplasma eggs can be released through feces every day. This phenomenon will last 1-3 weeks.

However, don’t panic too much, because 1-5 days after cat feces are discharged, the insect eggs are contagious.

As the saying goes, the disease comes from the mouth. If you encounter the stool excreted by the cat or what is contaminated by the feces, you may not wash your hands before eating, and you may be infected with a bow -shaped worm.

However, cats are not the only source of infection of Toxoplasma worms. They eat the infected meat and water that are not cooked, and eat fruits and vegetables raw. They usually like gardening and exposure to soil.

Clinical data show that pregnant women infected with Toxoplasma worms, in addition to abortion, premature birth, and siege deaths, their pregnancy poisoning, postpartum bleeding, premature fetal membrane breakdown, postpartum uterine reset, and endometritis are all visible to rising.high.

Gow -shaped worms can infect the fetus through the placenta barrier or amniotic fluid into the fetal gastrointestinal tract, causing the fetus to have congenital hormone disease, and the development is damaged to varying degrees, causing various malformations or defects.

For pregnant women infection, about 60%may be infected with their fetus if they are not treated.The chance of fetal infection of Toxoplasma is often increased with the increase of the fetal age, but the damage to the fetus was the most serious in the previous three months. In the first three months of pregnant women infected, 15%of the fetus may be infected.The second trimester was 65%.

However, the earlier the infection, the more severe the fetal infection is. The infection occurred in the end of the 3 months in the end of pregnancy, less than 3%in severe cases.

Precautions before:

Try not to let cats go out and reduce their opportunities to contact mice and birds.

Broken the cat’s raw food and feed, all of which are replaced by canned food, cat food, frozen dried and cooked meat.

Cat sands are cleaned every day and disinfected the environment.

Specific mothers, when cleaning up the cat’s stool, be sure to bring disposable gloves. It is best to work for this job to prevent it in case.

Keep a certain distance with cats, take a bath, deworm, and vaccine for the cat.

Try to enter the cats and other places as little as possible. Remember to wash your hands after you stun the cat.

Be sure to wash your hands before eating.

Do not eat raw food, peel the fruits, wash the boards at home, and cook all the food.

If you are worried, go to the test:

If you are worried about the infection of Toxoplasma, you can take a cat to the pet hospital to test whether the infection of the toxoplasma.

Expectant mothers can also go to the hospital for eugenics testing, that is, TORCH eugenics, which includes bow -shaped worm testing, so that you can accurately know whether you are infected with Toxoplasma.

Nourishing cats during pregnancy is not as bad as expected. On the contrary, the companion of cats can make expectant mothers during pregnancy have a good mood.

Now that you choose it, you must be responsible for it to the end.

Although cats may be a small part for some people, you are the entire world of cats.

If you can’t continue to feed, you must find a caring person to adopt and give it a warm home.

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