Can I still get pregnant after ligation?Doctors advise you to think clearly 3, don’t think "unlock"!

▲ Careful assessment before the couple undergoing a ligation surgery.

Can I get pregnant again after ligation?A 40 -year -old Miss Li had a marriage in the past and gave birth to two children. Because of the diagnosis of chocolate cysts 3 years ago, she decided to ligate and stop asking for a child by the way.Can be the "crystallization of love" in each other. After the doctors reconstructed the fallopian tube, they successfully gave birth to the next child!

Obstetricians pointed out that because modern families have less birth, considering education and economic burdens, they will try their best to take contraceptive measures.The rate is high, and the opportunity to find the breakdown and find the second spring will increase. It is also common for the situation of running back to find a doctor for help.

▲ The doctor suggested that the people consider clearly before ligation.

In Miss Li’s case, she gave birth to two children with her ex -husband at the age of 27. After divorce at the age of 34, she fell in love with her current husband at the age of 37 and married in 14 years.It was also his first marriage, so the other party begged for a child.Because Ms. Li had removed chocolate cysts and underwhelmed the ligments of fallopian tubes, if she wanted to re -pregnancy, she had to rebuild the fallopian tube first. Finally, she was pregnant 5 months after the operation. On September 20 this year, a healthy baby was born.

The pregnancy after ligation is not easy!Many people think that "ligation and reconstruction" just thinks simply "unlock" the fallopian tubes, but this is a big misunderstanding.After ligation, the tubes in the passage are necrotic because of the tightness of the electrical burning. The tissue in the channel has long been necrotic. New incisions must be re -scratched in the fallopian tube, and the ends of the two ends must be sutured like a water pipe.There is no bed, and the chance of asking for a child is slim.

▲ Miss Li successfully gave birth to a son in September this year.

The physician said that because the reconstruction surgery also spent longer than the ligation surgery, and the wound was larger. The general ligation surgery can be done in only 12 minutes, and the wound is about 2 to 3 cm. However, the reconstruction surgery takes 40-50 minutes.The surgical wound is about 7 ~ 8 cm, and the rate of marriage changes is high. It is recommended that couples who want to ligation first think about the following 3 points.

1. I want to ligate after the first child.

Please wait for 3 to 5 years to think about it. At that time, the career is stable and the economy becomes better. It is likely that you will want to have a brother and sister, fearing that the child is lonely.

2. Don’t just want to ligate shortly after you get married.

First ensure that the marriage relationship can be maintained for 3 years, and the couple’s relationship is stable. (Ideally) those who can become your partner for a lifetime, and then consider whether to ligation.

3. Those who have just started their careers and have not yet stabilized their economic capabilities.

If the economic ability is not yet mature, two years will be born in 3 years. Of course, it is easy to enter and become busy with a group. Of course, if the child jumps out again, it will be hurt.It is best to wait until the career is stable. In the face of family expenses, educational expenses, etc., the expenditure of the family has gradually started, or the possibility of ligation after the first to 2 to 2 tires.

Physicians point out that modern women are highly autonomous. If marriage changes, in the face of affair or domestic violence, it will not swallow like a traditional society in the past. It is easy to make friends.Said that boys account for about 60 %, and women are 40 %. Many of them ligated at the request of his wife. In addition to enjoying assured and enjoying sex, he can also avoid sowing "sowing" outside.

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