Can I still get pregnant for premature ovarian failure?Life pay attention to these points, it is still possible

What many people don’t know is that the skin is loose, the face on the face, and the yellow skin yellow is just a look of aging, and the human body has a great impact on women’s aging speed, that is, ovarian!

Recently, I saw this case on the Internet 32 -year -old Ms. Wang. She is an employee of a company. The company organizes a medical examination every year. After examination, Ms. Wang is diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. This is undoubtedly like a thunderstorm.

In fact, when I encountered such patients in the outpatient clinic, the first sentence was: I ca n’t get pregnant in the future? I ca n’t have my own children.The whole person is very anxious and uneasy.

It is understood that most of the usual menstruation is irregular, and even some of the longest time has not been menstruation for 3 months, and others do not care at all.It’s right.

The average natural menopause of women is 45-55 years old. If the ovary function is amenorrhea before the age of 40, it is premature ovarian failure.The diagnosis of premature ovarian failure is not equal to the complete loss of ovarian function, and many patients will have a short or intermittent ovarian function recovery.

There is no premature ovarian failure in traditional Chinese medicine. According to the clinical manifestations, most of them belong to the categories of Chinese medicine "early break", "amenorrhea" and "blood dead". Chinese medicine has long realized that human reproductive development is closely related to the prosperity of kidney qi."Suwen · Shang Gu Tian True theory" cloud: "Women are two or seven and Tianzi arrives, Renmai Tong, Taiyong pulse is prosperous, and the moon is currently.Exhausted, authentic, so bad shape and no children. "The functional state of the kidney -Tian Gui -Ren Ren -Crystal Palace "has become the basis for dominating.Older menstruation.

Moreover, the premature ovarian aging is not pregnant after being conditioned by traditional Chinese medicine.

Clinically, it is often recommended that such patients maintain regular schedules, appropriate diet, and change their habits.There are mainly the following points

1. Long -term pressure

Often in bad emotions such as nervousness and anxiety, it will cause the aunt’s inaccurate reporting, reducing the body’s immunity and weakening of ovulation function.

2. Always stay up late

Frequent staying up late Insomnia is likely to make ovarian hormone secretions unbalanced, which allows the body to enter a "vicious cycle".

3. Unhealthy diet

For long -term consumption of high -oil and high -salt foods, and insufficient fruits and vegetables, they may affect ovarian function and endocrine disorders.

1. Establish a regular schedule, ensure sufficient sleep time, and avoid staying up late.

2. Avoid sitting for a long time, moderate exercise, enhance physical fitness, improve your immunity, can improve qi and blood circulation and improve your body metabolism.

3. Try to reduce artificial abortion. Now women often think that the flow of abortion is only the damage and pain of the flesh, but they do not know that the damage to the ovaries is extremely great.

4. Improve eating habits. Balanced nutrition should pay attention to supplementing the intake of high -quality protein. At the same time, it is necessary to properly supplement folic acid and a variety of vitamins. Usually eat more milk, eggs, bean products, fish and fresh vegetables, fungus, pork liver, etc.

5. Keeping emotions peaceful and avoiding excessive pressure for a long time in an environment, it will cause a state of physical function in a state of tension, which will cause a large amount of hormone release and a damage to ovarian function.

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