Can I use my mobile phone during pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, the most concerned about pregnant mothers is the development of the baby.Therefore, the problem of mobile phone radiation is the focus of the attention of pregnant mothers.

Can I use my mobile phone when I am pregnant?Does the use of mobile phones affect the baby’s development?

Simple answers are relatively safe to use mobile phones during pregnancy.Studies have shown that using mobile phones in a short time will not cause harm to the human body.

There is no evidence that mobile phone radiation can cause fetal malformations.But the hidden dangers of mobile phone radiation do exist, which is a fact that cannot be ignored.

Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can try their mobile phones to answer calls, but control the time.

The first three months of pregnancy is the critical period of fetal development. At this time, pregnant mothers should try to avoid using mobile phones.

However, today, with the rapid development of technology, mobile phones have become a part of people’s lives, and it is unrealistic to let pregnant mothers completely give up using mobile phones.

So, what behaviors need to be paid to the use of mobile phones to avoid the harm of mobile phone radiation as much as possible?

Try to use the mobile phone as little as possible. Only when you are not able to use it, it is best to choose a message or replace it with a fixed -line. The call time is short.

The signal is not easy to use the mobile phone to find a place with a better signal, such as outdoor or near the window.

Considering the reasonable use of the earphones to increase the distance between the head and the mobile phone, do not make mobile phones during the movement. Many pregnant mothers are used to calling on the road or on the car.

Frequent movements can lead to the instability of the receiving signal, causing high -power transmission of mobile phones, and increasing mobile phone radiation.

Many people are used to putting their mobile phones in hand, which is a wrong behavior.The distance between the radiation of the mobile phone is proportional to the body. The closer the mobile phone is, the greater the radiation it receives.

Therefore, pregnant mothers can choose to keep their mobile phones and keep their husbands.You can also put it in the bag to avoid being too close to your mobile phone.

Do not lie down and play mobile phones. The comfortable environment makes the pregnant mother’s time in touch with the mobile phone to increase the time, and the mobile phone is shortened by the mobile phone and the distance between the phone and the eyes.

Pregnant mothers stared at the mobile phone for a long time, and the frequency of blinking unconsciously would cause uncomfortable eyes, tears, and light.

Do not use the two sections on one side for a long time. Pregnant mothers should try to avoid calling for porridge.If you have to speak for a long time, it is best to choose a fixed -line or headset to answer it. You can also take turns to answer in about one or two minutes.

Although related research shows that the use of mobile phones does not have a substantial impact on the baby’s development, the harm of radiation of mobile phones cannot be ignored.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should try to reduce the use of mobile phones as much as possible. Only by doing small details can they have a healthy, beautiful, smart, and cute baby.

To be honest, most of my wife did not do it. Most of my wife did not do it. The baby has been out for half a month.

Therefore, whether mobile phone radiation really affects the fetus, it may vary from person to person or needs to be verified.

In any case, we should try to avoid any bad behavior of the baby.

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