Can IGA nephropathy be pregnant?Will it be aggravated?

IgA nephropathy is mainly concentrated in 20-30 years, which is also the age when female patients are preparing to get married and have children.Can you get pregnant?Will children healthy?Will the condition increase after pregnancy?They are all issues that everyone cares about.

There are not many clinical studies in this regard. The kidney launch is based on several related reliable studies in the current existing items to make specific discussions for everyone.

If you want to get pregnant, please answer me the following questions

1. Is the current kidney function normal?

2. Is blood pressure less than 140/90mmHg?

3. Can urinary protein be around 1g or even below 1g after the drug is discontinued?

If these 3 questions, you can answer — yes!Then, you can consider pregnancy.

The following studies are a study published by Professor Lu Jicheng, the First Hospital of Peking University.Patients with IGA nephrotic diseases can consider pregnancy, and compared to patients with IgA nephropathy without pregnancy, pregnancy does not increase the risk of renal dysfunction.However, the average urinary protein level during pregnancy shows a linear relationship with the baby’s birth weight. The higher the level of urine protein, the greater the risk of low weight of the fetus.

Internationally in 1994, and a number of research in 2010, a total of 214 patients were also showed that patients with IgA nephropathy with relatively normal kidney function did not bring renal functional progress.

If you do not meet the standards, can you be forcibly pregnancy or accidental pregnancy?

This is a study published in the Chinese kidney disease magazine in Beijing Union Hospital. It is included in the research patients. Poor blood pressure control before pregnancy, poor protein control, and renal function have declined significantly (it is estimated that the glomerular filtration rate is less than 60mll of 60ml,/min), Lee grading IV, V -level (renal tubes and severe polyplate atrophy and fibrosis), risks such as hypertrophic hypertrophy, renal function decrease, fetal low weight, and fetal mortality have increased significantly.

Do not meet the conditions to insist on pregnancy, which means that mothers and children will face greater risks.

Before pregnancy, please find a professional nephrologist for evaluation and prepare for pregnancy

Pregnancy is also a risk for normal women.The pregnancy of kidney disease is undoubtedly a layer of risk.In fact, we have many female nephropathy patients under the guidance of a doctor to produce healthy babies, and their condition has not worsened.

But recently, you can always encounter some patients who are pregnant casually. Some drugs that may be abnone have not stopped, and you don’t know your protein blood pressure.Essence

Therefore, for patients with IgA nephropathy, I want to get pregnant, kidney online reminder: Before pregnancy, be sure to find a professional nephrologist for evaluation!Good compliance is the prerequisite.

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