Can leucorrhea also indicate the best time for ovulation during ovulation?These three opportunities effectively increase the chance of conception.

Women’s ovulation period is the best time to conceive, so women who want to get pregnant should not miss this time. When the female ovulation period, leucorrhea will have a series of symptoms, like leucorrhea, increased leucorrhea, and rustic. If you want to conceive, you want to conceive. If you want to conceive, you want to conceive.Women can choose this time for sexual life, and understanding the symptoms of ovulation can avoid missing the best time to get pregnant.

1. The estrogen secretion during ovulation will reach its peak, the amount of mucus in the cervix is also the most, and the toughness will be relatively large. It often has filamentous leucorrhea out. Sometimes it can stretch more than ten centimeters occasionally.It is the most wetness of the woman’s lower body. When the leucorrhea appears in this state, the leucorrhea will have a slippery feeling. In ovulation, such leucorrhea will be secreted in large quantities of two days to three days, which is also the best time to conceive.

2. Because the level of estrogen during ovulation increases.It will lead to the hyperplasia of the cervical glands, the amount of cervical secretion will increase, the content of sodium chloride in the mucus will also increase, which can absorb more water, which will make women’s leucorrhea sticky during ovulation, and also alsoIt is relatively bright and smooth and elastic, just like egg white, and can be drawn.

3. After the female ovulation period, the ovaries will secrete progesterone, which will prevent a large amount of cervical mucus secretion. The leucorrhea will be reduced and the lower body will become dry. Generally, it will be about ten days.For two days, leucorrhea will increase, but it is better to be transparent and sticky during ovulation, so it can easily distinguish whether it is in the ovulation period through the performance of leucorrhea.

The above are the symptoms of leucorrhea during ovulation. Choosing the correct time for sexual life can effectively increase the chance of conception.It is to choose cotton underwear. Otherwise, it is easy to cause bacteria to breed and induce some gynecological diseases, so do not neglect.

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