Can menstruation be in the same room?What can be done and cannot be done during the menstrual period, explain one -time explanation

The aunt is driving every month, and people are uncomfortable at first, and there are various "taboos" to avoid it carefully: "Can’t wash your hair, take a bath, can’t exercise, can’t be in the same room …", many precautions are all annoying

Today, Xiaowei talked to the girls: What can be done during menstruation and what cannot be done?

The truth is:

On the contrary, the menstrual period should be washed and bathing.

Because of the menstrual period, women’s physical resistance will be reduced and more susceptible to infection, so pay more attention to personal hygiene (big aunt also loves cleanliness).

Just pay attention: don’t take a bath, shower; because the pots of the pot may cause vaginal bacterial retrograde infection.Dry your body in time, blow dry hair; avoid cold.

In addition, it is important to keep the private parts clean.Use at least once a day with water, remember not to use a lotion.

The truth is:

In fact, the correct statement is to avoid severe exercise and maintain proper exercise depending on personal conditions.

Especially rolling, sit -ups, and cross -riding sports such as cycling and dynamic bicycles (at this time the private parts are fragile and easy to be injured), do not do it.Such as slow exercise such as yoga, stretching, slow walking, etc. can be maintained.In particular, some women have no discomfort during menstruation, and they usually have the habit of exercise. There is no need to suspend the exercise plan because the auntie is suspended, just pay attention to reducing the amount of exercise appropriately.But if you can’t get the bed during menstruation, or you like to be in the bed, there is no need to barely exercise.If you are comfortable, you will come.

The truth is:

Due to people, not everyone cannot eat ice.

In terms of medical theory:

The cause of dysmenorrhea is that there are too many prostaglandin secretion, which causes the uterine smooth muscle to cause severe contraction.

Eating ice or other foods obviously cannot affect the secretion of prostaglandin.But some girls have nothing to do with ice cream during menstruation, but some girls shake their hair as soon as they touch cold water. This is the difference in constitution.

Therefore, whether you can eat ice during menstruation, and the criteria for judging the judgment of other foods such as chocolate, pepper, seafood, mango, etc.: If you eat it, you can eat it if you eat it, but if you eat itThere is no need to challenge the limit.

The truth is:

Obviously, this is impossible.

During my aunt, the speed of metabolism will indeed be accelerated, but it is not much faster.That is, the energy consumed by the body is not too much compared to usual.

If you eat and eat without any scruples during this period, the ingestion energy is far greater than the energy consumed. It is really difficult to want to be fat!

Therefore, during my aunt, she should still eat reasonably ~

The truth is:

If it is physiological, this is feasible, but it is not recommended.Although the desire of women is in a strong period at this time, and some women can relieve dysmenorrhea through the endorphins produced by husband and wife; but due to the inadequate hygiene, the decline in the menstrual resistance of girls, increased reproductive organs infection.Probability, so it is not recommended.

Besides, blood washing sheets is also very troublesome ~ PS: There is still the possibility of pregnancy in the same room during menstruation ~

The truth is:

This is true.

Not only can it be extracted, but any bleeding, invasive medical operations such as various operations, gastroenteroscope, etc., as well as blood donation, pierced ears, etc., can not be done.

Because the coagulation function of the menstrual women will deteriorate, once the above operations are performed, the blood will produce more than usual and the solidification is slower.

All in all, there are not so many taboos during menstruation. Except for various surgery such as strenuous exercise, tooth extraction, etc., other so -called taboos are more different.Can

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