Can milk tea still eat dead people? alert you to tell you that these are all rumors

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Can milk tea also eat dead people?Two middle school girls encounter sexual assault?Internet celebrities fight each other? alert you that these are all rumors.In order to effectively purify the network environment, the online security bureau of the Ministry of Public Security has deployed a 100 -day online rumor to combat special operations.

On May 24, the Provincial Public Security Department notified three typical cases.The Hunan Network Security Department will focus on solving the prominent problems of network rumors to disrupt the order of network space, effectively combine the combination of rectification and warning education, and fully maintain the order of network space.

Milk tea shop eats dead people?Creating rumors!

On April 17th, in a milk tea shop in Yiyang, Hunan, Xu kicked the female boss Jia, who squatted and cleaned the items. Jia Mou immediately stood up and kicked Xu’s foot, and scolded him "sickness."

In order to retaliate, Xu immediately shot the video of the milk tea shop door with his mobile phone, and voiced: "Don’t go to a certain milk tea shop to eat milk tea.I can’t eat milk tea! "

Xu published the video on his short video account.As of April 18, the three rumors released by Xu caused a heated discussion among netizens and caused a negative impact.

On April 21, after receiving Jiamou’s alarm, the Heshan Net police quickly launched a operation, and the rumor Xu was summoned to the public security organs to be investigated in accordance with the law.After inquiries, Xu, a suspect, confessed to his malicious rumors.

At present, Xu has deleted the videos of the rumors, and the Heshan Net police have punished his administrative detention for 10 days in accordance with the law.

Two middle school girls are sexually assaulted?Fake!

On April 19, someone released news on the short video platform: "Two female students in a middle school in a middle school in Changde Shimen County suffered illegal violations on the way home from school."

As soon as the video came out, it was quickly reposted, and the parent group and the circle of friends were hotly discussed, causing adverse social impact.

After receiving a clue, the Yongxing Police Station of Shimen County Public Security Bureau of Changde City, Hunan, immediately visited the time and place described by the video immediately to find the video publisher to understand the authenticity of the matter.

At the same time, the police also consulted the police records, viewed the relevant surveillance video, and confirmed that the video content was Yan Moumou’s fabrication, which is a fictional fact and rumor with rumors.

According to relevant regulations, the Shimen County Public Security Bureau shall give Yan Moumou a penalty penalty in accordance with the law.Yan Moumou said that he deleted the video, accepted punishment, and used this as a ring.

Internet celebrities fight each other?The script designed for the eyeball!

In April, the Hunan Hengyang Network Police found at his work that the two netizens of Liyang posted videos with violent content such as mutual fighting and smashing cars on the Douyin platform.Related video views are as high as 521,000 times, like 2415 likes, and 449 comments.Caused the public’s heated discussion, seriously disrupting the public order of the Internet, and causing bad social impact.

After various investigations and verification, these videos are not records of real fighting, but the "carefully designed" script of the two netizens to "carefully design" the eyeballs and the drainage of the powder.The two of them looked at each other according to the "script" confrontation, provocations, smashing cars, fighting, exaggerated words and violent lenses that caused unknown people to watch.

On April 23, the police arrested the suspect Wen Modan. After questioning, Wen Moudan confessed to the illegal act of fabricating the script to win the audience’s attention and attracting fans.

At present, Wen Mouan has been detained by the public security organs according to law, and another suspect Liang Mouqiu fled to Cambodia. He is currently trying to return to China to surrender.

The Douyin account of the two has been banned according to law, and the case is under further processing.

Online police reminder: Do not release works that have not been confirmed and fabricated at will

Or because the dispute is small, the rumors have caused harm to the parties, or the illegal drainage of the script of the fabrication of the incident, the pollution of the network environment, and a negative impact on society.The online police reminded that creators should comply with relevant laws and regulations on the Internet, and must not release works that have not been confirmed and fabricated at will; the majority of netizens pay attention to screening information when surfing the Internet, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, and jointly maintain the wind and clear air.Online home.

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