Can mothers dye, perm and nails during pregnancy and lactation?

I believe that for every beautiful woman, whether she is pregnant or breastfeeding, I hope I can be beautiful.But because of all kinds of worries, dare not dare to dress up, and it is really hard to last for one to two years!

In October, the birth of the fetus was hard enough, all kinds of responsibility and fear, all kinds of discomfort.Once unloading, we welcomed the new life that I could start to be beautiful, but I heard that breastfeeding was more "clear -hearted" than when I was pregnant.Is this true, can’t a woman a little her life?Here, Brother Bao tells you: It’s true.

The requirements for mothers during breastfeeding are indeed strict than during pregnancy.But strictness does not mean that you cannot dye your hair, perm, and nail art.It is just that in the process of making yourself beautiful, some precautions must be observed.

Note 1: Be sure to choose a pure plant, formal and compliance with national health standards.

The principle of hot hair dyeing is the same as using cosmetics.Whether it is a expectant mother during pregnancy, or when breastfeeding mothers are going to hot hair, they must choose pure plants, safe perm, hair dye for dyeing or fast dyeing.When you go to nail art, you must choose a regular nail product that meets the national security and health standards, and try to go as little or not to go to the Sanwumei Armor.As long as the products we choose are regular and meet the national security and health standards, there are not much problem.

Note 2: Do not let your baby encounter hot hair and nail products.

Do not let your baby touch the hot hair and nail products here. It means that after breastfeeding, the mother should try to avoid the hair from the baby’s mouth when feeding the child after hot hair.Although the mother’s hair dyeing is not much harmful to the child, once the child directly contacts the hair dyeing product through the mother’s hair, even if it is pure natural raw materials, it will cause different degrees of harm to the child.

Similarly, mother must also pay attention to the child’s finger after all. After all, this matter is still easy to happen for breastfeeding children.If the mother personally gives her children a complementary food, she must also pay attention to more cautious when touching the baby’s food.

Well, today’s article is written here.I believe that the expectant mothers and novice mothers during the pregnancy of this article already know how to do it.Just remember two points: ① Try to choose products that are pure plants, formal, and compliance with national security and health standards.② After hot hair and nail art, do not let your child touch the ingredients on your hair or nails.

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