Can patients with high blood sugar eat mango?The truth is revealed!

Pioneer Bird is a chronic disease management app that can help you record health indicators such as blood sugar, blood pressure, uric acid, diet and exercise, as well as sugar -free food for free to find a healthy food choice that suits you.

Story figure: Xiaohua, a 70 -year -old man, suffering from high blood sugar.

Xiaohua is an old man who likes fruits very much, especially in summer, and even likes to eat all kinds of fruits.However, since being diagnosed with high blood sugar, Xiaohua has begun to strictly control his diet. Each time you buy fruits, you must carefully look at the label to ensure that the fruits you eat will not affect blood sugar.

Recently, Xiaohua heard that mango is a very delicious fruit, but he is worried that eating mango will affect his blood sugar.So he came to the hospital and wanted to ask the doctor’s question about Mango.

The doctor told Xiaohua that mango is a nutritious tropical fruit that contains a large amount of vitamin C, vitamin A and cellulose, which is very beneficial to the body.However, due to the high sugar in mango, patients with high blood sugar need to pay attention to eating in moderation to avoid affecting blood sugar control.

Xiaohua heard the doctor’s words and decided to try to eat some mango.When he bought mango, he carefully selected a mango with moderate maturity, and then cut it into small pieces.After eating a mango, Xiaohua felt very sweet and had great taste.But he was still worried that eating too much would affect his blood sugar.

As a result, Xiaohua began to record his daily diet and used chronic disease management applications such as Pioneer Bird to record blood sugar and other health indicators.By recording and analysis, Xiaohua found that eating an appropriate amount of mango did not affect his blood sugar.Instead, because mango is rich in cellulose, his constipation problem has been relieved, and his body feels more comfortable.

In addition to mango, Xiaohua also found that some other fruits such as apples and pears are also very good for their blood sugar control.He started to pay more attention to the balance of diet, reasonably consumes various nutrients, and at the same time exercise appropriately, maintain a good mentality, and make his body healthier.

Through Xiaohua’s experience, we can see that for patients with high blood sugar, it is beneficial to eat proper amount of fruits.However, you need to pay attention to the type and consumption of fruit to avoid affecting blood sugar control.At the same time, it is also very important to record and analyze its own health indicators using chronic disease management applications.Applications such as Pioneer Bird can help patients with hyperglycemia record health indicators such as blood sugar, blood pressure, uric acid, blood lipids, diet and exercise. At the same time, it also provides free to try sugar -free food to help patients better manage their health.

Finally, we hope that everyone can eat reasonably, exercise moderately, maintain a good attitude like Xiaohua, and make our bodies healthier.At the same time, we should also consult a doctor in time for any health issues to obtain scientific and reliable suggestions and guidance.

Reference materials: Know the encyclopedia-Pioneer Bird successfully promoted the popularity of Chinese diabetes knowledge and self-blood glucose, blood pressure, and heart rate management of patients with high blood sugar, forming an ecosystem of diabetes management.The communication cost between providers and patients, and improving the social medical and health economy provides a systematic solution.

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