Can pregnant mothers do housework?Can you exercise?Let’s talk about it

“The most memorable thing during pregnancy”

Pregnancy is a particularly happy thing, but pregnant mothers will inevitably be a little nervous and worried.

Because of the first three months of pregnancy, the placenta was not formed, the embryo was unstable in the uterine cavity, and it was susceptible to miscarriage by various factors.

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers must pay attention to rest and avoid strenuous exercise.

If the embryo is developing well, there is no abnormality, and you can exercise appropriately.

There are many exercise that can be done during pregnancy. You must choose mild exercise and pay attention to safety.

1. Do housework:

Like wiping tables, sweeping the floor, laundering, buying vegetables, cooking, etc., pregnant mothers can do it.

Note: Determine according to the actual situation, don’t be too tired.

If the response is severe and vomiting frequently, it is necessary to appropriately reduce housework.

2. Take a walk:

Traveling is a good way to exercise, both at home or outdoor, it is very suitable.

Walking is very good for the body and can relax.

Can increase endurance, increase physical flexibility, and help childbirth.

Walking for pregnant mothers can stimulate baby exercise.

Note: Wear flat shoes when walking to reduce the pressure on the legs and feet.

Try to choose places in air circulation, few people, and good environment.

3. Broadcast fuck:

Radio exercises are more suitable for pregnant mothers to exercise, but do not do as much as possible when bending and jumping.

Note: Control the beat and do it slowly.

4. Pregnant yoga:

Pregnant yoga can be completed at home.

It can improve sleep quality and maintain sufficient physical strength.

It can increase the flexibility of the body and help smooth production in the later period.

Note: Do a simple and suitable action for pregnant women. Do not do high difficulty.

5. Twist pelvic bone:

Torting the pelvis for exercise will help smooth production in the future.

Note: Don’t exercise vigorously, don’t worry too much.

6. Sit or sit with a low leg or low bench:

Can improve the flexibility of the pelvis.During production, pain can be relieved.

Note: Do not take time for one exercise for too long.

7. Climbing stairs:

In the third trimester, climbing the stairs helps to produce smoothly.

Note: Captive exercise is very energy -consuming and must not be overworked.

Do not excessively move for the first three months and the next three months of pregnancy.

In the first March, the fetus was not stable, and the amount of exercise caused abortion.

The fetus has grown up in the next March, and the extent of the movement has caused premature birth.

Pregnant mothers can choose the way that suits them according to their own constitution, but exercise such as jumping, twisting or rapid rotation should be avoided.

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