Can pregnant mothers use skin care products?How to maintain the skin during pregnancy?NFF

Many pregnant mothers throw skin care products aside after pregnancy, preparing to facing the sky.Because you dare not do skin care at will, you are worried that skin care products will affect your health.Can pregnant women use skin care products?Today, I will share with you how to do skin care during pregnancy?

1. Can pregnant mothers use skin care products?

As early as 2002, experts studied that "no skin care for ten months of pregnancy is equivalent to 13 years of aging!"Obviously, pregnant women can use skin care products during pregnancy. As long as they use the right skin care products, they can do more with less.But be careful to choose the right, safe skin care products.

2. How to care for the skin during pregnancy?

1. During the pregnancy, the level of feminine hormones will change, affecting the skin’s water storage ability. Therefore, in this process, the skin will become more dry and sensitive.So hydration is the key.For example, the NFF Jingchu skin ice condensed water is a pure water for more than five hours with ancient method to make more than five hours and after two distillations.It does not contain additives that affect pregnant women without fragrance, anticorrosive, pigment, alcohol, mineral oil essence.Gentle skin -friendly can be absorbed quickly, while supplementing sufficient water to the skin.It has ten times the essence of ordinary rose water to resist the external pollution of the skin, deep moisturizing and brightening the skin.

2. Supplement more vitamin C

During pregnancy, you should eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus, strawberries, vegetables, etc., and you should also eat more milk and products rich in vitamin B6.Help Xincheng metabolism, skin detoxification and beauty.In addition, pay attention to maintaining sufficient sleep every day, and replenish sufficient water.

3. Avoid the damage of the sunlight

This is very important because ultraviolet rays (UVs) in the sun will strengthen pigmentation.Therefore, no matter if it is sunny and cloudy, you should use the sunscreen value SPF30 or higher full -effect sunscreen (defense UVA and UVB) every day.If you stay outdoors, you need to apply sunscreen frequently.

The expectant mothers should not forget their faces while taking care of the babies in their stomachs.Because good skin state can bring a good mood, the mother is in a good mood, the baby is naturally healthier ~

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