Can pregnant women be divorced?Can you claim compensation?

Without feelings, many people will choose to divorce. This is indeed the best liberation of the relationship between the two.After the woman was pregnant, the man proposed a divorce or forcing the woman to sign a divorce agreement to achieve the result of the divorce.According to this situation, Chinese law specifies that the woman’s rights and interests have stipulated that divorce is not accepted during pregnancy.

Netizen consultation:

We got married for two months. When I was pregnant, I got married. Now I have been pregnant for more than 4 months. Because after marriage, we did not live together, and the man did not take care of it.Can I get compensation?How to calculate the compensation?

Lawyer Shi Xiaoqing of Shandong Luheng Law Firm answered:

The woman can ask for divorce during pregnancy.If the man voluntarily compensates and gives, you will write in the divorce agreement.He doesn’t want to give it, because you have no legal basis for compensation in this situation.He can only ask him to bear the corresponding gestational costs and the child’s support for future children.

Lawyer Shi Xiaoqing added:

Article 34 of the Marriage Law stipulates that the woman shall not propose a divorce during the period of pregnancy, within one year after childbirth, or within 6 months after pregnancy.This limit.

According to the provisions of the above regulations, we can know that when the woman’s pregnancy is pregnant during the existence of the relationship between the husband and wife, within six months after the woman’s childbirth or the suspension of pregnancy, if the man goes to the people’s court to file a divorce lawsuit, the court shall persuade the man to withdraw the man withdrawn from the withdrawal of the man withdrawn from the withdrawal.litigation.If the man is still determined to divorce and refuses to withdraw the lawsuit, the court shall notify the man to make a notice of not accepting the case.This is also a special provision of the "Marriage Law" to protect the rights and interests of women and baby in pregnancy.

Lawyer Shi Xiaoqing summarized:

According to the regulations, if the woman’s divorce during pregnancy, the divorce agreement signed by the man is generally invalid. If the woman proposed a divorce or the court believes that the divorce request required by the man must be accepted, this can be divorced. This can be divorced. This can be divorced. This can be divorced.Moreover, the divorce agreement signed by the two parties also has legal effect.

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