Can pregnant women eat dog meat? Can I eat dog meat in confinement?

Eating dog meat has a very long history in China. Dog meat not only has mellow taste, but also contains a large amount of protein needed by the human body. Taking dog meat can enhance the body’s resistance, which is very good for the human body.The female body during confinement is in a special stage. Can I take dog meat at this time?Does taking dog meat affect the body?Today, Xiaobian is here to tell you how can you eat dog meat in confinement?

Dog meat and mutton are one of the best ingredients for autumn and winter. It is the heart of many people.Dog meat is rich in protein, and the quality is very good. The proportion of globulin is very high. It often has a very good effect on improving the body’s resistance and improving the function of the body.Therefore, eating dog meat often can effectively improve the quality of the body, which has a good promotion effect on digestive ability and blood circulation speed, etc., and also has the effect of improving sexual ability.

Can I eat dog meat in confinement?

Above we said that dog meat contains a large amount of nutrients required for the body, which is very good for the body after taking.However, the physical condition during confinement is very special. It has just ended hard delivery. At this time, the female’s body is very weak. Can you eat dog meat at this time?

Experts tell us that the postpartum women’s body is very weak. If you want to make up, it is best to choose the method of warm -up, which is more good for the recovery of the maternal body.Chinese medicine believes that dog meat is hot and has a strong nourishment ability, which is not conducive to the recovery of the maternal body.In addition, there are many dog meat on the market that have not been quarantine. At this time, taking not only affects the physical recovery of the mother, but also has no guarantee for the health of the baby. Therefore, it is very much potential.Essence

Can pregnant women eat dog meat?

The folk in our country has such a statement that it is best not to eat dog meat during pregnancy during pregnancy, which is not good for the fetus and pregnant women.Old traditional Chinese medicine tells us that this is not a saying that there is no scientific basis, because dog meat is a high -heat food. After taking it, it is easy to cause pregnant women to be uncomfortable, fire, and so on.Therefore, pregnant women can eat dog meat, but they must not eat more to avoid affecting the health of themselves and fetuses.

However, there is a special attention that eating dog meat must choose healthy, guaranteed dog meat, and must not buy those who come to the way because of greed and cheapness.There are more bacteria contained in dog meat, so pay attention to sterilization when eating dog meat. It is best to take it after high temperature anti -virus to avoid the irreparable consequences of irreparable serious consequences caused by the bowworm contained in the dog meat to the fetal development.Essence

In addition, some elderly people say that if they eat dog meat during pregnancy, children born in the future will also become bite, especially when they eat milk.In fact, this is a nonsense. Even if the pregnant woman does not eat dog meat during pregnancy, the child will have a bite of the nipple.

Can infants and young children eat dog meat?

Many people think that dog meat has a good tonic effect, so they also love to take it for infants and young children.In fact, this is a very wrong way. It is best not to take dog meat to avoid the situation of getting angry and affect the development of children.

Suitable for people who eat dog meat

Most people can take dog meat, especially the elderly can eat more appropriately.The specifics suitable for taking dog meat are as follows:

1. Patients with soft waist and knees, chills, frequent urination, impotence, deaf tinnitus, and abdominal distension and cold pain;

2. It is not suitable for patients with cold cough, diarrhea, yin deficiency, strong fire, and so on; if patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, heart disease, hypertension, and other diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are not suitable.Take; patients who have healed at first healing are best not to eat it.

How to choose dog meat

When choosing dog meat, it is best to choose those colors that are dark red and shiny, elastic dog meat.Some colors are dark or purple, and the meat with meat is best not to buy. It is likely to deteriorate.

Dog meat edible skills

1. The fishy smell in the dog meat is relatively heavy, so you can use white wine and ginger slices to be rubbed repeatedly before cooking, soak it with white wine for one or two hours, and then rinse it.

2. Dog meat is hot, so it is best to take it in autumn and winter, and you cannot eat too much at one time.In addition, it is best not to take some people such as yin deficiency and fire;

3. When taking dog meat, you must cook cooked to avoid parasitic infection;

4. When cooking dog meat, you must not be taken with almonds, garlic, mung beans, etc.

Can I eat dog meat in confinement?I believe that after this article, everyone has a certain understanding.In fact, it is best to take dog meat in autumn and winter. It is best not to touch the spring and summer seasons to avoid the situation of getting angry.In addition, the dog meat you buy must be qualified. Dog meat with crazy dog disease must not be taken, so that you can ensure your health to the greatest extent.

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