Can pregnant women eat hot pot?There are 6 tricks to eat hot hot pot

Winter is here, and everyone choose to eat hot pot. This is a very good food choice for party dinner.However, if there are pregnant women during the party, can pregnant women eat hot pot?If you can eat it, what precautions should be paid to?

Can pregnant women eat hot pot?

Pregnant women will really have a lot of harm to eat hot pot, because the beef and mutton in the hot pot may contain parasites such as bow -shaped worms. These bacteria cannot be killed when shabu -shabu, which can easily lead to the infection of parasites in pregnant women.In addition, the soup base and hygiene conditions of hot pot are also worrying, so for safety reasons, pregnant women still eat less hot pot.

However, experts say that pregnant women are not completely unable to eat hot pot. If they are mouthful, they can eat hot pot appropriately, but pay attention to the number of hot pots and eat as little as possible.And pregnant women have many precautions when eating hot pot.

Why should pregnant mothers eat less hot pot?

1. Soup base

As we all know, pregnant mothers should keep their diet light as light as possible, but the soup base of hot pot is often heavy, and some are the pot bottom of the Chinese medicine ingredients. This is not suitable for pregnant mothers with special constitutions.

On the other hand, the soup base is repeatedly consumed. The content of nitrite inside is definitely high, and nitrite will be converted into nitrosamines in our body.Nitrosamine is a very strong carcinogen. It is currently recognized as carcinogens in the world. It can induce gastric cancer, bowel cancer, and cause diseases such as cardiovascular. Its toxicity may also be passed on to the baby by the placenta.

2. Meat

Many people want to be tender when they eat hot pot. They think that beef and mutton slices can be put into the pot, and they can be eaten when they change color. It is easy to grow old after cooking.However, if the meat slices are not cooked thoroughly, they will cause the toxoplasma to enter the body after eating, and then hurt the baby.After the disease occurs, the mother only occurs like a fluctuating situation, but for children, Toxoplasma can infringe their brains, and then cause brain or brainless children. More serious cases are the death of the fetus and abortion.

In addition, there are more fat in the meat. If the pregnant mother eats too much, it is easy to gain weight; the hot pot soup base also has a large amount of purine, which will hurt the body and make the prospective mother’s kidney more exhausted.

How to eat hot pot for pregnant women is the healthier

1. Too far from hot pot, do not stretch your hand

If the position of the hot pot is too far away from yourself, don’t barely reach out the food, so as not to increase the pressure of the waist and back, which will cause the back of the back to fatigue and soreness. It is best to ask your husband or friend to work.

2. Add double chopsticks to avoid stained bacteria

Specific mothers should try to avoid raw food and eating with the same pair of chopsticks, so that the bacteria that are contaminated with raw food can be brought into the belly, causing diarrhea and other diseases.

3. The hottest hot pot is the most hygienic

Specific mothers like to eat hot pot, it is best to prepare at home. In addition to the soup base and materials, food hygiene is also the most important.Remember, no matter at the restaurant or at home, any food must be burned to cooked before you can eat it.

4. Reduce food and help digestion

Vomiting and nausea may occur during pregnancy, so the digestive ability of the stomach is naturally reduced.When eating hot pot, if the quasi -mother appetite is not good, they should slow down and reduce the amount of eating, so as not to digest it after eating, causing discomfort.

5. Put more vegetables

The hot pot is not only foods such as meat, fish and animal organs, but also must be put in more vegetables.Vegetables contain a large amount of vitamins and chlorophyll, which is more cold, which can not only eliminate greasy, supplement the lack of human vitamins in winter, but also the effects of cooling, detoxifying, and removing fire.Essence

6. Put some tofu in an appropriate amount

Tofu is a kind of soy product containing plaster. It is appropriately put in tofu in the hot pot. It can not only supplement the intake of a variety of trace elements, but also play the role of clearing heat, annoying, and quenching thirst.

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