Can pregnant women go to the tomb to sweep the tomb?

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On the 108th after the winter solstice, the Qingming solar terms are.There are 15 days in Qingming solar terms.As a solar terms, the time is after the spring equinox.At this time, it has gone in winter. The spring is full of spring, the weather is clear, and the four fields are clear. Nature shows vitality everywhere.Pregnant mothers also want to go out at this time and go to the cemetery to sorrow their loved ones, but most of the elders who are older will prevent pregnant women from worshiping the sacrifice. Why?

The reason for pregnant mothers should not go to the grave

Generally speaking, pregnant women want to avoid Qingming’s tomb sweeping activities. In addition to emphasizing customs, long -distance running is not suitable for women and fetuses.Pregnant women should not let themselves and fetuses too tired, and avoid places where people are messy and uneven.

1. Travel

In the Qingming season, there are many people, and the boats and cars are not suitable for mothers in the early pregnancy.

2. Weather

The Qingming Festival is generally rainy days. The road is not easy to walk, and it is inevitable that there will be a loss of cautiousness. If the sun comes out, be careful to add more water.

3, environment

Qingming is in a warm spring. There are many flowers and mosquitoes in the wild, which may be allergic to pollen and mosquito bites.There are also a lot of wind and sand in spring, and sunglasses masks have to be prepared.

4. Road conditions

Nowadays, most of the tombs of Qingming still have to go to climb the mountain. The road conditions may be rugged and prone to accidents.

5, firecrackers

Most of the grave sweeping, it is necessary to burn incense, coins, and firecrackers. This will have air and noise pollution, which will affect pregnant women and fetuses.

Therefore, it is best not to move forward easily in Qingming Festival. You might as well buy a bunch of chrysanthemums to let your family help you with the sorrow of your loved ones.

So, in addition to Qingming who can’t go to the grave sweeping, can pregnant women go out and play?

Of course, you can go out to play. It is always stronger than every day at home. You can relax and relax outdoors. Look at the red willow green fields. There is nothing that you want to enjoy the water and enjoy the water. However, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Qingming traveling pregnant mothers also have to be leisurely

1. Someone accompanies: You are better not to travel alone, but you have to be accompanied by husbands or friends.The purpose of this is to prevent unexpected.Although this condition will be stable in the second trimester, the occurrence of accidents cannot be ruled out.Accompanied by someone around, pregnant women will have a sense of security, and accidents can also provide help.

2. Loose time: people want to do things as soon as possible.However, pregnant women should be loose time to ensure sufficient rest and sleep.If you are traveling, avoid long -distance travel, because swaying in the car for a long time has a great impact on pregnant women.It is best to use a travel method that can control the itinerary to avoid following the team tourism.

3. Be a good travel plan before travel, and don’t let yourself and the fetus too tired.Avoid places where people are messy and uneven.Try to avoid the hotline as much as possible, choose some colder routes, avoid big cities, and feel the gift of nature.The hot tourist routes will not only cause aircraft and train ticket purchase, the difficulty of looking for accommodation in the hotel and the decline in dining service levels, and there are too many people in tourist attractions and too noisy.

4. Examination on schedule: Before departure: I must go to the hospital to see an obstetrician and gynecologist, and make the entire itinerary to the doctor to obtain the guidance of the doctor; if they are caught up with the pregnancy examination, pregnant women should check in time in time.It should not be made up after returning, so that it is easy to grasp the health.After returning to the place of residence, go to the designated hospital again.

5. Before departure, please ask your checked physician to prepare some safe drugs according to your actual situation.In addition, prepare some anti -diarrhea, oral gastrointestinal drugs and external alcohol cotton slices, antivirus, trauma cream, mosquito bite ointment, etc.Avoid foods that are cold, clean or uncomfortable, so as not to cause physical discomfort such as indigestion and diarrhea;Bring self -contained mineral water or juice.

6. Others: Pay attention to bring as little luggage as possible, do not wear high heels, loose clothes, and consider your nutritional needs when eating.When there is an abnormality, you must ask someone to help

What a reminder: Pregnant women should not go to areas of infectious diseases are popular

1. Pregnant women should not go to areas with poor public health conditions and poor public health conditions.Do not choose in places with inconvenient transportation and poor medical conditions. Before departure, you must have a comprehensive understanding of the medical resources of the destination, especially whether you can deal with obstetrics and newborns.

2. High -altitude areas are insufficient oxygen and are not suitable for pregnant women. Similarly, diving also requires additional oxygen supply, and it is not suitable for pregnant women. In addition, pregnant women should not wash hot springs and climb mountains.

3. There are many crowded and airless rooms, and pregnant women with excessive stimulating tourist attractions should also be avoided as much as possible.

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