Can pregnant women grow hemorrhoids affect fetal health?Pay attention to these 2 points!Hemorrhoids can not be controlled

Pregnant women are high incidence of hemorrhoids. The incidence of hemorrhoids in pregnant women is as high as 76%. This can be explained scientifically. During pregnancy, in order to ensure the nutritional supply of the fetus, the blood flow of the pelvic arteries in the pelvic cavity of pregnant women will increase., It will also compress the pelvic cavity and cause the blood flow of the hemorrhoids to be hindered. In addition, pregnant women often have laborious defecation or constipation, so that the blood stasis of the hemorrhoids of the lower end of the rectum and the hemorrhoids of the anus can induce hemorrhoids or worsen them.For the above reasons, the multi -occurrence of hemorrhoids during pregnancy has formed a large number of people -patients with hemorrhoids of pregnant women.

Pregnant women’s hemorrhoids are harmful

Pregnant women who have hemorrhoids usually appear in the second stage of pregnancy from 28 to 36 weeks, especially in one week before childbirth, which will appear constipation, causing local varicose veins to form hemorrhoids. Of course, they can also appear at any time during pregnancy.Ren Donglin, chief physician of the Leponic Hepatology of the Sixth Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, suggested that patients with hemorrhoids in pregnant women should find a doctor in time after a problem. Otherwise, it is easy to have adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses.

How to diet in pregnant women with hemorrhoids

Pregnant women have hemorrhoids. In order to minimize the hazard and impact of hemorrhoids, the chief physician of Ren Donglin reminded the pregnant woman to pay more attention to her diet."Pepper, pepper, ginger, green onion, garlic and other spicy foods and fried foods should be eaten as little or not," said the director of Ren Donglin, "Eat less easy to digest, so as not to cause constipation to increase the disease of hemorrhoids."Vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber, such as purslane, spinach, fungus, mule, and apples, bananas, peaches, pears, melons, etc.During the hemorrhoids, if you accidentally make constipation, you should eat more foods containing vegetable oils, such as sesame and walnuts.

How to prevent pregnant women hemorrhoids

How to prevent pregnant women hemorrhoids?Director Ren Donglin gave several tips.First of all, in addition to sufficient nutrition, pregnant women should usually have light diet.At the same time, it is necessary to develop the habit of drinking more water, and it is best to drink some salt water or honey water.Eat more fruits and fresh vegetables.Especially vegetables and fruits rich in crude fiber.Avoid eating spicy, hot, fatty, frying, smoked grilled products, and hair products, such as pepper, pepper, ginger, garlic, green onion and other irritating foods to eat as little as possible.Second, pregnant women should not sit for a long time, and they should exercise appropriately to promote blood flow from the anus rectum.

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