Can pregnant women know the sex of the fetus?Obstetrician persuaded this way

China has traditionally focused on men and women. With the reform and opening up, the concept of equality between men and women has become more and more popular, claiming that there are the same boys and women.However, in many areas, there are still gender discrimination, and even the sexual fetal gender is a female, and the fetal drainage is required.This approach is too extreme. No matter whether the fetus in the abdomen is male or female, it is their own flesh, and they should be treated equally.

Many people want to know the gender of the child when the child is not born. As the saying goes, the sour girls. Many people think that the pregnant woman likes to eat sour as the son, and the daughter who likes spicy food is the daughter.This is not necessarily correct.More and more people recognize the inaccurate statement of this statement, and began to feel that they can know the gender of the fetus through pregnant women to test the blood.

Blood testing gender is to test the gender of the fetus by testing the blood of the human body, but experts believe that this method is inaccurate, and it is illegal to identify the gender of the fetus privately.There will be a market if there is demand, so even if the gender of blood testing is an illegal act, many people still take risks to test the blood to learn about the gender of the fetus in the abdomen.

Generally speaking, after seven weeks of pregnancy, you can pass the gender of blood testing. Many pregnant women will go to the blood to know that there are men or women in the belly.Many people choose to have a miscarriage when they learn that the sex of the fetus is female.

Everyone knows that women’s chromosomes are XX, and male chromosomes are XY, mainly to judge gender by whether there are Y chromosomes.

First of all, collect the blood samples of pregnant women, and then go through two high -speed centrifugal treatment. The upper layer of clear liquid is moved into a new sterile tube.EssenceIf gender is male, a blue strip will appear, and gender is not a woman.Many places where many private blood tests are tested in this way.

Although the gender of blood testing is theoretically feasible, there are also errors in its results.Moms who perform gender identification must be more than eight weeks of fetal age or more than 16.3 mm in length of the embryo, the results of the appraisal will be more accurate.Pregnant women have given birth to male fetuses within one year, or have undergone major surgery, blood transfusion, organs transplantation, and flowing through production will affect the results of the detection.

In fact, Chinese law prohibits privately identify the gender of the fetus in private, and it is also forbidden to choose a gender to stop pregnancy.Moreover, people in the legal community show that no one in various aspects of blood testing in private, whether the inspection and appraisal results are not known if there is a fake, and the risk is relatively

Therefore, during the pregnancy of pregnant women, do not do blood test gender privately.

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